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Hello Sycamore Ridge Families - I started my teaching career in 5th grade in the little town of Rainier, WA. This is will be my 13th year teaching. I've taught one year at 4th grade and the rest split between 5th and 6th grades.

I earned my bachelors degree from Washington State University, and a Masters Degree in Administrative Leadership from Grand Canyon University. In addition, I earned an AAS in Microcomputer Technology.

Contact:, 858-755-1060 ex: 3802

Educational Philosophy

I love what I do, but especially enjoy getting to know my students and motivating them. In the classroom, we will focus on thinking and growth. Above all, I want to see students being comfortable, not being afraid to be themselves -- sharing their voice. That's when I see them taking risks in their explorations, using potential mistakes as a means of success.

What to Expect in 6th Grade

6th graders will become authors: publishing many narrative, informational, and argument writing pieces. They will also develop their reading skills as they read, critique and analyze a variety of texts and literature. Students will be pushed as mathematicians as they jump into ratios, percents, statistics, geometry and fractions. They will also learn about ancient civilizations, genetics and our environment. 6th grade is a year for students to improve and increase their independence, communication and problem solving skills that will prepare them for middle school.

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Life Outside of the Stallion's Stable

I really enjoy going outside and keeping active. Going for a run with my dog Tina, with some music in my ears, and ending at the beach or in some canyon is a great day for me. I like keeping up on sports, especially my favorite teams...GO SEAHAWKS! I'm also a bit of a techie and like to learn new platforms and gadgets.