DeKalb County Technology Center

Welcome to the DeKalb County Technology Center

Career/technical education is a vital, progressive, and rigorous part of the total education system that provides students with life skills and prepares them as a workforce in which business and industry are confident. The vision, mission, core values, and goals are achieved through effective integration of the academic, technical, technological, and workplace readiness skills necessary to succeed in a diverse and global society. These components prepare students for post-secondary education, apprenticeship, employment, and life. DCTC offers eight programs that are Business and Industry certified. The certification processes are rigorous and are designed to ensure that our programs meet industry standards in safety and quality.

DCTC is a Simulated Workplace

The vision of Simulated Workplace is to transform the culture of Career and Technical Education by creating high quality business and industry learning environments. Our mission is to provide students with an engaging and relevant curriculum that includes opportunities to earn industry-recognized credentials. The goal of a Simulated Workplace is that all Career and Technical Education completers are college and career ready.

Simulated Workplace Objectives:

• Present curriculum in a relevant and purposeful manner • Place business and industry processes directly into the CTE programs • Incorporate foundational academic and career ready skill sets • Provide students an understanding of all aspects of an industry or business and how their individual success leads to company profitability • Provide each student with an understanding and knowledge of how career technical courses utilizing project based learning, along with work ethics, work place processes and behavior are integral skills to successful employment

Integrated Academic/Technical Education

Instructors here at DCTC work to increase students' understanding of technical and higher order thinking problems, which will raise their achievement, and equip them with the knowledge and skills needed in today's workforce. The integration between traditional academic studies and vocational skills is evident in the community as students pursue careers after graduation.

Dr. Jason Barnett, Superintendent

Jonathan Phillips, Director

Tina Lyles, Assistant Director