Sustainable Occupational Development


Upper Secondary Level

  1. Guideline

Components of Distance Learning Package

The distance learning package is divided into 2 parts :

Part 1 Structure of distance learning package, pre - test, unit structure, content, activities of each unit and post - test.

Part 2 Do take home test and activities including pre – test and post – test, Do the activities in each unit.

How to use distance learning package

Do the following instructions after receiving the distance learning package.

  1. Study details of distance learning structure so as to know what students must learn in this subject.

  2. Plan duration and time for students to study 3 - 4 hours a day, so they can study details of content in all units as well as doing activities before the final exam

  3. Do pre - test, to know basic knowledge by checking from the answers.

  4. Study contents in each unit both in learning package and materials and doing activities.

  5. After doing each activity, students can check from the answers. If students do incorrect activities, they must review such contents until they understand.

  6. After studying contents of all units, students do post – test and check the they must review contents and do the test correctly ; not less than 70 percent of all the test to make sure that they can pass the final exam.

  7. If students still do not understand the contents and activities, they can ask for advice from advisor of each subject according to name and address given by Distance Education Institute

Additional Study

Students can gain knowledge from other learning resources, ie. Study from textbooks or other resources related to this subject, study from an internet, study from museum, exhibition, various performances, study from resource persons, etc.


Students must evaluate learning proficiency in each subject.

  1. 1.During semester Do the test getting from the DEI. Students must do on own hand-writing and send bake to the DEI whit in limited time.

  2. End of semester Students must do the final test on date, time and place where the DEI will mail to them. They bring ID cards the day of doing test. Also, students must dress politely in accordance with the regulations are not allowed.

  3. Do The Assessment for satis faction of the Online lessen.

2. Course Syllabus

  1. Scope of contents

Chapter 1 Business potentiality

Chapter 2 Market Development planning

Chapter 3 Planning for production development or services

Chapter 4 Development of proactive business

Chapter 5 Project for strengthening occupational development

2. Expecting Learning Outcome

  1. Be able to identify the meaning and need of occupational development that yield adequate products or tasks concerning services and earn adequate income for living, being able to keep the saving fund according to own capacity.

  2. Be able to analyze the potentiality of business, market, production or services and business plan in order to make strengthening of business development.

  3. Be able to explain how to develop management system for strengthening occupational development.

  4. Be able to develop and mobilize the operations plan for strengthening occupational development.

3. Contents

Chapter 1 Business potentiality

Chapter 2 Market Development planning

Chapter 3 Planning for production development or services

Chapter 4 Proactive business development

Chapter 5 Project for development of sustainable occupation

4. Duration of study

December - February