DEGIC Retailership

ANNOUNCEMENT: To all interested in retailing DEGIC products. As of today,

Application for new retailers is still on hold. Thank you for your interest and patience. Have a wonderful day :)

DEGIC retail business opportunity is recommended for existing entrepreneurs with sari-sari store, mini grocery, bakery, restaurant, burger stand, pharmacy, and vendors with stalls near schools, public markets, plazas, who want extra income.

Interested applicants must be:

Dedicated & Motivated in running a business as a full-time Outlet Owner.

Financially Capable & Responsible. Capable for start-up cash-out and managing cash flow

Hygienic. Can maintain cleanliness of store and the freezer at all times.

Disciplined. Willing to operate within DEGIC terms and conditions.

Personable & ‘Madiskarte’. Having pleasant manner attracts more customers!

Authorized DEGIC retailer gets:

  • Added Income for existing entrepreneurs.
  • Lowest buying price (compared to unregistered retailers)
  • Free delivery for approved/authorized retailer
  • Your store name and business contact will be published on our Online retailer's list, so you get more customers.
  • Low capital investment! You can start your own business for as low as ₱11,000 start-up cash-out.
  • No Franchise fee, No Royalty Fee, No Renewal fee, No Hidden Charges! Just simple business.
  • We are not mainstream. Having an outlet in your location would be unique, and can generate curiosity among neighbors.
  • We control the number of Outlets per area to avoid saturation, and outlet rivalry.
  • Good Quality and taste. We always strive to improve our products using the best ingredients and manufacturing technologies.
  • We offer competitive price compared to big brands.
  • Our product is clean and easy to dispense unlike others concepts with scooping stations susceptible to dirt.
  • Over time, you will gain patrons that will come back for our ice cream’s taste and competitive selling price.
  • 25 years, and continuously improving. Humble beginning started December 1991
  • Basic training during business orientation.
  • We provide the freezer and its maintenance!*.

*provided that you do your part in taking care of the freezer. Any loss or damage will be charged to you.

Q: What are the steps to become an authorized retailer?

STEP 1: Fill-up Application form and resend to us along with the requirements and wait for our response.

STEP 2: Site Inspection. A technical team will be deployed to visit and inspect the location.

STEP 3: Approval. Based on Site Inspection, DEGIC will inform you if the location is feasible or not .

STEP 4: Business Orientation. Basic training for approved applicants.

STEP 5: Delivery of freezer with Ice Cream products. Enjoy earning extra!

Q: What are the requirements to become an authorized retailer?

A: We request the soft-copy (.jpeg or .pdf) of the following for online application:

1) One government issued Valid I.D. Preferably with picture.

2) Picture of your store showing the name of your store.

3) Map / sketch to your store.

4) Meralco Bill (of the store).

5) Barangay Clearance (Where the applicant resides)

6) Mayor's Permit OR DTI Registration OR Brgy. Business Clearance. (Any will do)

7) BIR Form #2303 (If Business is duly registered)

8) Other Proof of Billing (if renting, please attach lease contract)

Each file must be less than 2mb. You will be asked to attach these in the application form.

Blurry or unreadable attachments will invalidate your application.

Q: How much is the franchise fee, or initial cashout?

A: Currently we don't charge any franchise fee. Initial Cashout ranges from Php 9k to 19k depending on the size of freezer suited for your store. Initial cashout will include the freezer and products. Initial cashout will be collected only upon freezer delivery.

Q: Is there monthly minimum order required?

A: Yes. We require P12,000 accumulated monthly minimum orders per month per freezer. This is to compensate our freezer loan.

Q: Do i need to have my own freezer?

A: No. We will lend the freezer to you. Provided that you abide by our terms and conditions.

Q: I have my own freezer, how can i be a retailer?

A: We still follow the same process of application. There are just some conditions that might be different, such as: 1) relaxed enforcement of minimum orders.

Q: Do i need to attend the business orientation?

A: We highly encourage attending the 3 hour business orientation. In the orientation, we will share some tips and techniques on how to properly manage the business. Applicants who can attend the orientation will be prioritized. Business orientation is held every Tuesday OR Thursday of the week. Schedule will be announced for approved applicants.

Q: I am currently selling Dan Eric's Grand Ice Cream, can i increase the price?

A: No, authorized re-sellers must follow the SRP (Suggested Retail Price). Implications of doing so will be discussed during the orientation.

Q: Can i be a sub-dealer, and deliver ice cream to other outlets?

A: No. Sub-dealership is currently not allowed

Q: Can i request for another freezer?

A: Yes. We may provide extra freezer depending on your sale. For new retailers, a 3 month period will be observed before we can provide additional freezer.

Q: My neighbor is selling your ice cream, may i sell too?

A: It will depend on the volume of people in your area. In consideration to the first authorized reseller in your area, we will check your location first if it is still feasible for another DEGIC Outlet.

Q: Will i get approved or not?

A: Not all applicants are approved. Application might be disapproved due to:

  • Few people in the area
  • There's an existing DEGIC retailer outlet nearby that may be affected
  • No access for our delivery trucks
  • No existing delivery agents/ distributor in the area.

Q: How long will it take for my application to be approved?

A: Approval process may take weeks. This is due to the scheduling of our team that does site visits and coordinating with the delivery agents if there are any, that can deliver to your location.