Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where is the nearest outlet/retailer to me?

Q: Where can i buy your products? (for personal consumption)

A: Please click here for the Outlets. Please message us on FB if you can't see the list. Thank you ^_^

Q: How can i sell / retail your products? (LOWEST PRICE)

A: If you're interested to become an authorized retailer, please see Retailership page. Thank you.

Q: I want to be a dealer / agent / distributor and supply to multiple retailers, how can i be a dealer / agent / distributor?

What are the requirements to be a distributor?

Can i be an exclusive area distributor?

A: Currently, we're not actively looking for new distributors. But to be a distributor, one must have at least 1 freezer van, a place to become depot for at least 50 freezers, and budget for 50 freezers, and staffs like: driver, pahinante, secretary.

Q: Why are your products not available inside malls / supermarkets?

A: we do discourage retailing our products inside malls because this would inflate the price of our products due to mall rent.