What is SmartMusic?

An option for independent study on a students' instrument, SmartMusic is a practice tool that resembles Guitar Hero or Rock Band...except it works for real instruments! It works for most PC and Mac systems that have speakers and a microphone. It can be used in "classic" mode (where you download software on a computer or iPad), or on the cloud on any device.

Some of the benefits include the following:

  • Built-In Practice Tools (Metronome, Tuner, etc.)
  • Access to Thousands of Pieces of Music for Beginners through Professional Level
  • Self-Evaluation and Feedback
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How Does it Work for Students?

  • As the music appears on the screen, they play or sing along with background accompaniment.
  • Following each performance, SmartMusic provides an immediate assessment, displaying the notes that students performed correctly in green and the notes they performed incorrectly in red.
  • Students record and listen to each performance to hear how they really sound and how their part fits within the whole.
  • When they are satisfied with their performance, they can send a recording to their teacher who can assess, score, and build a portfolio to track their progress over time.