Lesson Schedules

This week (week of 9/24) is a 6th grade lesson week

Attention: 6th grade lesson schedules are finalized. 7th and 8th grade lesson schedules will be ready by the end of the week.

In-school lessons are required for students in the DAMS Band program. Students are encouraged to take private lessons outside of school to further sharpen their skills on their instruments, especially if they make an instrument change. However, this does not replace lesson work at school. Lessons are the primary way I hold students accountable for their participation to the large group.

6th grade lessons GENERALLY alternate with 7th/8th grade. Students assigned to lessons on Monday will have lessons EVERY Monday.

It is the students' responsibility to know if they have lessons that week. Please copy all the dates into your assignment notebook.

Lesson Schedules / How Lessons Work


Use the tabs at the bottom to navigate through the different days of the week. Click a spreadsheet to see it in full size.

Lesson assignments are at the bottom of each spreadsheet.

Lesson Informational Letter for Students / Families - 2018-2019
Band Lesson Schedule - Make-Ups and Extra Help - 2018-2019
Band Lesson Schedule for 6th Grade - 2018-2019
Band Lesson Schedule for 7th Grade/8th Grade - 2018-2019
Above: Posted lesson schedule outside the band room. The bottom row is 6th grade, while the top row is 7th and 8th grade. The far right indicates all assignments for the year. Mondays alternate, as that is typically a make-up or extra help day.
Above: Lesson sign-up / alternate schedule location (on the clipboard) and lesson passes.

Required Lesson Materials

In order to receive credit for a lesson, you must bring:

  1. Your instrument and necessary accessories
  2. A pencil
  3. Your music, book, and other work/materials as assigned (check Google Classroom for lesson notes)

Tips for Lesson Success

Forgetting your lesson is not an excuse and make-ups will be at my discretion at the end of each quarter. Do not expect to be able to make up more than 1 to 2 lessons by that time.

Students: If you have trouble remembering your lesson time:

  • Check Google Classroom or above for the lesson schedule!
  • Check Google Classroom for notes from previous lessons so you know what you should work on
  • Put a post-it inside the door of your locker OR tape your lesson pass inside the door of your locker
  • Refer to the e-mail that was sent at the beginning of the year with all the days listed
  • Copy all your lesson days into your assignment notebook
  • Look on the wall between the band room and 5/6 library for a lesson list, along with indications to who has lessons that week and the next week
  • Write a note on your hand
  • Write a note in your assignment notebook
  • Staple your pass into your assignment notebook
  • Ask a friend to help remind you or another student that has a lesson the same day
  • Leave a note for yourself in the morning / keep your instrument near your backpack so you do not forget it