Instrument & Supplies

Please treat all instruments and equipment with care and respect. Even instruments that seem very tough can be easily damaged. All instruments are fragile.

Instrument maintenance costs on school instruments alone run into the thousands of dollars, even for simple annual cleaning. Any additional maintenance from damage that needs to be performed takes away from other aspects of the middle school band's budget.

All school owned equipment and music checked out to a student is the student's responsibility. The student/family will pay for lost or damaged equipment and music.

Having properly maintained accessories and equipment is a student/parent responsibility. Please don't hesitate to ask the director if you have questions!

Ward-Brodt Music Services

Ward-Brodt Music in Fitchburg is our primary vendor. Please contact them if you need an instrument rental, plan to purchase an instrument, or need to order accessories. You may also use the links below.

Road Representative - Bruce Hering (former director of bands at Eau Claire Memorial and Eau Claire North)

School Instrument Delivery / Pick-Up Information

  • Deliveries/Repair and Return Pick-Ups Thursday Mornings (school year only)

Instrument Rentals

Instrument Supply List / Order Page for DeForest Schools

Instrument Repairs

Online Store

Equipment Purchase Guide

Please read the above linked guide prior to purchasing an instrument.

Music Store Recommendations

Click the above link for the following:

  • Local Stores
  • Online - Multi-Purpose Music Stores
  • Specialty Music Stores (Instrument-Specific, Non-Local)
  • Sheet Music