Join Band

Band is for everyone! We welcome all students to the program (including home schooled students). Please inform me if you believe your child may require a particular accommodation.

Band Informational Meeting Materials from Tuesday April 16

If considering between band and choir, it is highly recommended they take band in 6th grade first and add choir in 7th grade.

How to Join

6th Grade Band / New 7th and 8th Grade Band Students

For current 5th grade students entering 6th grade the following school year OR students new to band for 7th or 8th grade in 2018-2019.

Sign up for text message alerts to stay up to date with the process. Click here or send the message "@dmsnewband" to 81010

Is your child not sure what to play? Check out these instrument demonstration videos (bottom of the page)!

Recommended Article: 3 Things Parents Must Tell Their Children When They Begin a Musical Instrument

You will need: Your child's instrument selection sheet (yellow) and your family calendar.

This is only to express interest. No commitment is made yet.

Schedule a time during or after school for students to try and select their instrument. Students choose to commit or decline band at this point.

Summer instruction is VERY important to ensure your child is successful at the start of the school year (Registration Opens Spring 2019).

Why Join Band?

"This is a musician's life. Everybody tells you not to do it and get a "real job." When all is said is done and we've built the highest high-rises and we've built the fastest machines, there is still going to be room for somebody to tell you a story or somebody to write you a piece of music." - Hans Zimmer

To the right is a collection of advocacy articles, updated on a regular basis, regarding the benefits of band and music education that you can browse at your leisure!

In short, band...

Teaches Life Lessons in Commitment, Responsibility, Patience, Perseverance, and Discipline

Is Cathartic and an Emotional Outlet

Doesn't Require Natural Talent

Emphasizes Being Part of a Community

Is the Same in Every Language

Builds Confidence

Separates a Person from the Crowd

Most of's FUN and ENGAGING!

Students that participate and succeed in band, unsurprisingly, end up doing very well in school and in life beyond from developing these qualities.

Advocacy Resources for Band

7th Grade Band

Return recommendation/reflection form to Mr. Skaleski. No sign-up form.

Paper Form Due May 2019

8th Grade Band

Return recommendation/reflection form to Mr. Skaleski AND indicate you want to continue band in the 8th grade elective form.

Paper Form and Online Form Due May 2019

Jazz Band

1 year minimum experience on a band instrument. 2 years preferred for rhythm section instruments (piano, guitar, drums, bass).

Students MUST be enrolled in band for next year in order to participate (unless playing piano, guitar, or bass).

Online Form Opens April 2019

Auditions Held May 2018 for Piano, Guitar, Drums, and Bass Guitar

4th of July Marching Band

Open to all band students, alumni, and community members with at least 1 year of experience (2 years preferred).

Online Form Opens April 2019