High School Band

DAHS Marching Band Camp

Mon. August 19 - Fri. August 23, 2019

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Participation in music ensembles in high school is a strong asset for college and scholarship applications. While middle school band establishes the fundamentals, high school builds upon that foundation through the performance of appropriate literature in concert band, marching band, jazz band, and small ensembles.

Director - Mr. Brandon Bautz

High School Band Website and Contact Information

High School Band Handbook - 2018-2019

High School Band Newsletters

Scale / Rudiment Expectations

Class Schedule for 2018-2019 - Semester 1

Class Schedule for 2018-2019 - Semester 2

Concert, Symphonic, and Jazz Bands

  • Concert Band - Primarily for freshmen and sophomore band students. No audition is required to participate!
  • Symphonic Band - Primarily for juniors and seniors, as well as advanced freshmen and sophomores. An audition is required. Marching is required.
  • Jazz Band - Open to all students interested in playing jazz, funk, rock, etc. It is a class at the high school. Wind players should also be enrolled in concert or symphonic band.

Symphonic Band Auditions

Prior to the Audition

Audition Materials and Sign-Up

After the Audition

  • If you are accepted, Mr. Bautz will request to have your schedule adjusted to include Symphonic Band (if it fits in your schedule).
  • If you still have areas to work on, you may be recommended for Concert Band, or Mr. Bautz may request to hear you again at a later date.

Seating Auditions

  • Seating auditions for both bands are required once a semester. This audition is separate from the class audition described above.
  • Challenges are allowed. See Mr. Bautz for details.

Get to Know the Band!

We provide opportunities for students at the middle school to get familiar with the high school program, but we encourage students to take opportunities to see a performance or other high school band event! This could include attending a football game to watch the marching band, see their concerts at the PAC, watch high school students perform at Solo and Ensemble, and introduce themselves to the high school director - Mr. Bautz!

Orientation Events

6th Grade Band Orientation and Workshop at the High School

8th Grade Band Orientation and Workshop at the High School

Community Events

Scoopie Night at Culver's (High School Music Fundraiser)

Alumni/Community Pep Band Night

Jazz on the Green at Lake Windsor

Concerts and Performances

Football Games (Marching Band) and Boys/Girls Basketball Games (Pep Band)

Winter Concert

Solo and Ensemble Performances

Elmer McLaughlin Memorial Band Concert

High School Equipment

Only the percussion bag bundle is required for high school. The rest of the items on this list are suggestions. We highly recommend students upgrade their mouthpiece, at minimum. An intermediate to advanced instrument is also recommended.

High School Band Equipment Guide