The middle school band curriculum is designed to cater towards the whole 21st century musician. In addition to instrumental technique proficiency and the associated music theory, students will have experiences in improvisation, playing by ear, singing, composition, evaluating music, and making connections.

In order to find success, work must be put in outside of class on a regular basis.

Music Education Standards

The middle school band program utilizes the Wisconsin Music Education Standards, released in 2017. These standards are themselves an extension of the National Core Arts Standards for Music that were released in 2014. These were designed to replace the national standards from 1994.

Comprehensive Musicianship through Performance (CMP)

The CMP model helps guide the band classroom from teacher-led to student-led by changing the rehearsal environment to a student laboratory. At least one piece of music per concert cycle will go through this process.

DAMS Band Standards and Curriculum

The curriculum can be publicly viewed on Build Your Own Curriculum (BYOC). The middle school method books for band (Measures of Success Books 1 and 2 & Warm-Ups and Beyond) provide a general overview of the material that students are expected to be proficient at prior to entering high school. Supplemental material is used to expand on material already reviewed, or to review content that is not covered at all.