DeForest Area Middle School Bands

"When all is said is done and we've built the highest high-rises and we've built the fastest machines, there is still going to be room for somebody to tell you a story or somebody to write you a piece of music." - Hans Zimmer

Announcements for Week of March 18

Registration is OPEN for NEW band students with no previous experience.

Music Booster Pizza Fundraiser - Orders due Wednesday, March 20

7th grade students will receive their new books before spring break.

Band Schedule for This Week (Week of March 18, 2019)

7th and 8th Grade Band Lessons This Week

Monday Mar. 18- Day 1 - 6th Grade Combined Band Field Trip to High School (Hours 1-2). Monday Lessons. 7th Grade Band / 6th Grade Band Day 1

Tuesday Mar. 19 - Day 2 - 8th Grade Concert for 5th Grade (6th Grade Band Day 2 Watch in 5/6 Gym).

Wednesday Mar. 20 - Day 1 - 7th Grade Band / 6th Grade Band Day 1. Jazz Band 3:30-4:50 PM.

Thursday Mar. 21 - Day 2 - 8th Grade Band / 6th Grade Band Day 2

Friday Mar. 22 - Day 1 -7th Grade Band / 6th Grade Band Day 1