DMS Jazz Band

About the Jazz Band

Jazz band is a group of primarily 7th and 8th grade students. We explore how to perform the unique styles of the blues, bebop, Latin, rock, funk, pop, and more!

Pre-requisite: 1 full year of playing experience on the instrument of choice. Percussionists, bassists, guitarists, and piano/keyboard bass players may be asked to perform for an audition. 2+ years of experience on these instruments is recommended. Private lessons are highly recommended in order to help the student find success - especially on piano, guitar, bass, or drum set.

Rehearsal Times

Weekly on Wednesdays, after school, from 3:30-4:50 PM. See Policies and Calendar document below for exact dates. These are subject to change.

Join Jazz Band

Auditions for Rhythm Section (Piano / Guitar / Bass / Drums)

Auditions are before & after school Wednesday, May 9. See audition requirements/materials below. E-mail Mr. Skaleski to schedule an audition time.

Online Registration Form

Form will open April 2018. Please register NO LATER than Wednesday, May 16.

Book Order and Payment

Book payments due Thursday morning, May 17.

Essential Elements Jazz (tax included in price)

$14.76 - Most instruments

$17.92 - Piano, Guitar, Electric/String Bass, and Drums

When paying, please keep in mind I cannot make change. I recommend writing a check for these amounts. Please make out checks to Ward-Brodt Music and write your child's name in the memo section.

Extra Help and Resources for Jazz Band Members

Audition Materials

Brass and woodwind members do NOT need to audition for Jazz Band. If you play a brass or woodwind in regular band but plan to audition on an instrument listed below, then please be willing to play your regular band instrument just in case.

Hard copies of these packets can be picked up outside of the band room door on the 5/6 side of the building

Piano Audition Packet - 2017

Guitar Audition Packet - 2017

Bass Guitar or Bass Keyboard Audition Packet - 2017

Drum Set & Mallets Audition Packet - 2017

DMS Jazz Band - Audition Sign-Up

Policies and Calendar

Jazz Band Policies & Calendar - 2017-2018.pdf

Donut and Treat Sign-Up

Contact Mr. Skaleski directly to volunteer to bring donuts or treats for Jazz Band students each week! I will bring the first batch each semester.

Jazz Band Donut Sign-Up 2017-2018