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Everything you need to know about celebrations in Hong Kong and New Jersey

New Jersey:

It's not too late to RSVP at the bottom of this page!

Click the "New Jersey" picture for all the details (location, hotel, meal options, etc).

Hong Kong:

Thanks for celebrating with us April 7! Please tag your BEST photos with #steveandoliviahk

Just put "#steveandoliviahk" in the comments when you post photos on FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter, etc... They will automatically be available to anyone searching that exact hashtag. (So no typos please!)

Click RSVP to register for either reception (or both!)

Pick your meal preference and let us know if you need transportation or hotel details via the same RSVP link.

The dates are wrong on the paper invitations (early draft printed instead of final). They are correct on this site:

NJ: Arrive 6pm Saturday May 6, 2017