About us

We are a Berlin based neurotechnology startup specialised in developing and producing mobile Brain-Computer-Interfaces. Since our founding in 2015 we are bringing forth a mobile brain-computer interface with medical grade signal quality for both B2B and B2C, to pave the way towards novel experiences.

We are driven by our deep interest in technology, the human consciousness and the symbiosis of both. This is why we made our first devices completely open source and are happy about others using and enhancing it.

Our hardware is based on over 30 years of research & development by our CTO and friend Masahiro Kahata who developed the first mobile EEG device in the world. Since then he devoted his life to developing state of the art brain computer interfaces and made our device the one with the best signal quality available on the market.

Besides that we are cooperating with third parties for exploring and implementing new use cases and product ideas in various fields like wellness & therapy, performance enhancement, brain controlled technology, brain research, education, consumer insights, security and even art.

The Brains

Willi Döring


Masahiro Kahata

CTO / Hardware Developer

Silver Kuusik

Hardware Developer

Can Edremitoglu

Business Development

Matthias Kandora

Software Developer



In 2015 we open sourced all the construction plans for our first version of the Brainduino on, which is based on the Arduino Uno micro controller.

Since then a lot happened. Our current device batch is a developer kit with modularised hardware based on either Teensy 3.2 or Arduino Pro Mini 16 Mhz.

We have produced a small series of it and are now in the Beta-Phase with selected testers and partners. After the Beta-Phase we will launch it so you can order one here.

Product Specifications

microcontroller: Teensy 3.2 or Arduino Pro Mini 16 Mhzchannels: 2 bipolar, 4 unipolar (stackable)input range: +-5mVnoise (power spectrum RMS): 0.1 μVsampling rate: 500 samples per secondbandwidth: 0.16 - 250 Hz (adjustable)effective resolution: 0.02 μVtelemetry: Bluetooth LEperiphery: exchangeable headband designed for the use with snap electrodes