Many people are initially attracted to the simplistic lifestyle of the Caretakers of Deeply Rooted Church. The reality of this form of alternative lifestyle is a large departure from the fantasy. The residents of the community often cohabited in the main lodge during the cold winter months to save on a load of wood needed to generate heat from our stove. They also share memorable experiences of listening to Polka at the crack of dawn, playing a game of Magic the Gathering or Settlers of Catan, or chomping down on a hearty plate of nachos together.

This elementary existence can seem boring to some folks or be much-needed therapy for others. As much fun as all this may possibly be, it’s also significant serious work that demands the daily attention of everyone involved.

Our Summer Internship Program is geared to provide an authentic off grid Pagan experience for folks. If you're interested in applying, keep on reading.


The process of becoming a resident of Deeply Rooted is as follows:

    1. Anyone expressing a sincere interest in becoming a resident of Deeply Rooted Church may possibly be permitted to stay on the property for a 2-week period. They do not have to be active or paid members of the Church for this process to take place. During this time, guests are expected to pick up after themselves and assist the caretakers in the daily needs of the community including doing dishes, stacking wood, or maintenance the outhouse bucket. They are welcome to browse the library or eat any food on the first floor of the lodge visible within plain sight. Guests must keep their living area around their assigned bed free of garbage and no food or drink is allowed in the upstairs cohabitation area.
    2. If the 2-week time period goes off without a hitch, then the guest may submit a proposal at the next available Board of Directors meeting to be approved by the members of the Board of Directors, Caretakers, and the membership. The duration of this initial proposal is to extend the stay of the guest until the next Sabbat and is considered a probationary period of residence. The time frame of this proposal is roughly two months. Any reasonable objections from the Caretakers or membership will be taken into account during this gathering. Board members will evaluate the eligibility of the individual seeking temporary residence by determining the following:
    3. The individual’s ability to work in cooperation and act in trust with the existing residents (the Caretakers) of the community. If there appears any personality clashes or disputes between guests and residents, and no mediation can be found, the Board of Directors retains the right to deny the proposal.
    4. The individual must at this point be a paid member of the community.
    5. The individual’s ability to be an active, contributing member of the community. There is not a charge with rent required to be a resident of Deeply Rooted, however, the ability to positively commit to the wellbeing of the community in some manner is a requirement of our Caretakers and of Deeply Rooted Church as per our mission statement. Individuals can contribute in various manners including doing the dishes, providing food, maintaining the grounds, organizing and cataloging the library, or donating a share of funds to the organization to be used in whatever manner is deemed by the membership and the Board of Directors. Everyone is required to find their place and purpose in the community. No one can stay at Deeply Rooted and be “dead weight” to the community. There is always work to be done for any level of skill.
    6. The Board of Directors may ask for a piece of background information from the individual to protect the minor members of the community from sexual predators. All required is open, honest communication from the individual seeking residence on the property.
    7. The individual’s ability to live sustainable and in accordance with the culture as well as the lifestyle as set forth by Deeply Rooted Church. The Board of Directors, Caretakers, and members of the Clergy Council may advise a stay during the winter months to test the mettle of the person(s) applying for a proposal.
    8. If the applicant has pets, they will be subject to review by the Board of Directors on a case-by-case basis. Responsible ownership of a pet will remain the sole obligation of the applicant. This means following our Pet Policy and respecting the wishes of our membership. Dangerous animals are never allowed on the property for the health and safety of all who attend the Deeply Rooted Church.
    9. If the applicant is without gainful employment, attending school, or without the use of a licensed motor vehicle, they are not automatically declined for participating in any form of residence in the community. Such individuals will be expected to pull their own weight by contributing to the community in some useful manner as deemed appropriate by the Caretakers and agreed on by the applicant.
    10. Minor children are the sole responsibility of the applicants who are the parents or legal guardians of said children. Caretakers of Deeply Rooted Church are not built-in babysitters. Childcare may possibly be negotiated on a case by case basis and the choice remains at the sole discretion of the Caretakers.
    11. Applicants will be assigned a living space and this space must remain clean and presentable. Deeply Rooted Church is a public space and not a private residence. Caretakers and guest living quarters are view-able to all folks who visit the community and keeping a hospital, professional environment furthers the legitimacy of our organization.
    12. Applicants are required to treat the existing Caretakers to a reasonable level of respect and observe basic manners in all social interactions. Caretakers are ultimately the decision-makers for the residential concerns of the community and their wishes will be treated as a topic of paramount importance.
    13. NO ILLEGAL DRUGS are allowed on the property. This practice is strictly enforced and includes medical marijuana or psychedelic mushrooms legally prescribed to individuals in other states. Medical marijuana cards are not currently valid in the State of Wisconsin and are null in the void on the property of Deeply Rooted. Anyone, regardless of application status, caught in the act of huffing propane or abusing inhalants will be subject to swift removal from the community and a response from local law enforcement. Caretakers acting unilaterally in the best interests of the community in this manner will report their findings to the Board of Directors and the matter will be documented for future reference.
    14. Acts of domestic violence, child abuse, theft, vandalization, or any other illicit activities will be immediate grounds for removal. No exceptions.
    15. Polka music blasting at the crack of dawn is a mandatory fun exercise as required by all applicants of Deeply Rooted Church.
    16. The ability to make a boss platter of delicious vegetarian-based nachos is a requirement for all applicants interested in becoming residents.
    17. Failure to comply with any of these standards of eligibility will result in immediate expulsion from the residence of the community and may include suspension or termination of membership.
    18. After the successful completion of the two-month probationary period, the Board of Directors will require another proposal in a six-month proposal. The same rules as the two-month probationary time period will be in effect. This decision will only be made at the satisfaction of the existing Caretakers, the Board of Directors and the membership. At any time, this application for the residence can be revoked at the discretion of the Board of Directors acting in accordance with the Bylaws and the Grievance Policy.
    19. At the satisfactory completion of the six-month probationary period, the applicant may submit a proposal for (1) year of residence in the community. All the previous terms and conditions must be met and any amendments to the proposal must be discussed at the Board of Directors meeting. At the recommendation of the Caretakers, additional terms or conditions may possibly be assigned depending on the individual needs of the applicant or the community. At which point a decision will be made to grant (1) year residency to the applicant as long as all parties are in full agreement with the practices and procedures at hand.
    20. After the (1) year probationary term has been completed to the satisfaction of all parties involved, the applicant may apply for an additional (1) year time period. The same terms and conditions as above must be met for an additional stay of residence. All parties, the applicant, the Board of Directors, Caretakers, and the membership must be in full support for this proposal to be accepted. At such point, the applicant has likely undergone some pretty significant transformations and is coming to understand their purpose and place within the community. If additional terms and conditions must be added for any reason, it must be at the mutual agreement of all parties involved. Any concerns or objections will be duly noted and discussed until a reasonable conclusion can be reached in a timely manner.
    21. If the applicant has survived (2) years of probationary residence at Deeply Rooted Church, they may submit a full-time, permanent proposal to become full-fledged Caretakers of the property and be recognized by the organization as guardians of the well being of Deeply Rooted Church.
    22. Applicants may also submit a proposal for a “tiny house” yurt, or cabin to be built on the property at the expense of the individual. It must be in compliance with any terms set forth by the Caretakers and members of the Buildings and Grounds committee. These dwellings must be sustainable and non-permanent structures.


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