What to Bring


Each meal served at the Deeply Rooted Church is lovingly prepared by volunteers, guests, & folks like you! Our feasts are served "Potluck" style. This means we ask each of our members & visitors to bring a dish to pass during the event. If you are interested in attending our gatherings, here are a few items to choose from:

  • Vegetarian dishes - Curry, tofu, salad, etc.

  • Dishes consisting of meat must be kept in a cooler. The Deeply Rooted Church is off-grid & does not have a refrigeration system.

  • Beverage like diet soda, regular cola, juice, & coffee products are welcome. Any dairy products must be stored in ice within a cooler.

  • Dishes consisting of mayonnaise or dairy must be stored within a cooler during the summer months. Vegetable & cheese platters are always welcome!

  • Chips, dips, crackers, hummus, & other snack foods are always appreciated! We love a good nacho recipe!

  • Home-made breads, pies, muffins, cookies, & pastries are wonderful temperature stable foodstuffs to bring!

  • Soups, stews, & pasta dishes are welcome!

We ask individuals with special dietary needs or allergies to supply their own food for events. We can't ensure each dish offered is free of any allergens or meets any dietary requirements.


Our lodge consists of 14 individual beds set up in a co-ed sleeping arrangement. Beds which are reserved for overnight stays are not shared unless consent is given by the party who is reserving the bed for an event. We provide blankets, sheets, pillows & other linens, however we ask those who prefer their own linens to bring their own supplies.

If you require a medical device such as a CPAP breathing machine or another essential electrical device, please contact us first to ensure all of your needs may be met by our accommodations.


If you're the type to embrace wilderness camping, fret no more! Deeply Rooted Church has your outdoor craving covered. We offer rugged, off grid camping year-round for those who are seeking a close connection with Mother Nature. We do not provide electrical hookups or the space for larger campers, however we can work out accommodations for smaller vehicles. Please discuss your camping experience with a member of the caretaker team or the clergy before registering for an event!


We want to ensure your stay with us is comfortable. Here is a checklist of items which may help improve your experience with us:

  • Bug spray - We encounter many mosquitoes & other buzzing critters!

  • Jackets, winter coats, mud boots, & other weather-specific gear. Please inquire with us beforehand if you have any questions or would like a recommendation.

  • Sunscreen

  • Appropriate boots or footwear for hiking in wet, uneven ground. Please bring a few pairs of socks as the trails tend to get saturated with water.

  • Several changes of clothing. There is currently no shower facilities at our church, please bring extra clothes to ensure your own comfort.

  • Potluck items to pass during communal feasts. Please bring your own food if you have any special dietary requirements.

  • Epi Pen or allergy medication if you have any severe allergies.

  • Prescribed medications (Medical Marijuana is not currently legal in the state of Wisconsin & is not permitted on our property in any form. Failure to heed this warning may result in the party being asked leave or intervention from law enforcement. When the law for medical marijuana is passed in our state, we will happily honor those who have a prescription.)

  • Drums, rattles, or fire spinning gear. Fire spinners are required to have a trained spotter to watch for any signs of self-igniting.

  • Pet food, leashes, appropriate containers, medications, & proof of vaccinations for any animal coming on our property. Please review our pet section to ensure your stay with us is safe for your animal companion.

  • Blankets, pillows, sleeping bags, or other linens if you do not wish to use the ones we provide.

  • Cash for raffles or other purchasable items through approved vendors. Donations of cash, books, & other relevant supplies are always appreciated. Learn more about our donation program!

  • Cellphone & chargers. Our solar array can charge electrical equipment. Larger items like home theater systems, gaming consoles, & laptops may not be charged with our current set up. We ask all visitors to refrain from bringing any nonessential electrical equipment to experience the full beauty of our organization.

  • Essential medical equipment like a CPAP breathing machines may be charged with the solar array, weather permitting. Please inquire before registering to ensure that we can accommodate your specific need.

  • Flashlights, lamps, & other forms of illumination.

  • Potable water.

  • Toiletries & other self-care stuff which may be skin lotion, brushes, combs, soap, & alcohol wipes.

  • Cooler & ice, ice, baby if you are transporting perishable items. We do not have refrigeration available.

  • Ritual gear - Drums, rattles, special clothing, or offerings! Please ensure any offerings you bring are natural materials, biodegradable, & pose no threat to our land. If you have a question regarding what offerings are acceptable to bring, please contact a member of our clergy or the caretakers.

  • Toys for children, tabletop games, or other forms of off grid activities.

  • Please refrain from bringing non-recyclable trash. We can recycle glass, aluminum cans, tin cans, wood, & paper. We also have a compost heap for uneaten food. Plastic garbage tends to be hard to get rid of, so please leave this at home. If you have a child who requires diapers, please provide your own form of disposal.


Raffles are an excellent way to engage with our visitors during events. We provide a selection of pre-purchased or handmade items for our raffles. They range from books, statues, rune sets, & other Pagan-themed collectibles. We rely heavily on donations from our members to provide such offerings. Raffles are held on Sunday morning, just before the Board of Directors meeting.

For those who register online, we issue one raffle ticket per registration as a courtesy to those who made the effort. Raffle ticket prices are as follows:

1 ticket = $1.00

6 tickets = $5.00

13 tickets = $10.00

27 tickets = $20.00

Winners are chosen at random by someone who is not a part of the current raffle. Please check out our donation section if you are interested in adding to our raffle inventory.


The Deeply Rooted Church welcomes Pagan artisans & vendors to our events. We ask for a donation of 20% gross earnings for those who would like to participate in vending their goods in our community. Please contact us before registering to ensure we can accommodate your vending needs!