Men's Weekend Retreats


Paganism is redefining the roles & expectations of men in our society. Do you heed the call of the divine masculine? This is the question asked many times during the Men's Weekend Retreat. Prepare yourself for a challenging & engaging experience while we discover the extreme forces of masculinity together. Get ready to square off with your Brothers in the solitude of oak & hemlock trees.

Ready to haul logs? Or perhaps try your luck at a game of chance? Maybe you'd rather chug down a frothy brew with the company of your male counterparts? We've got you covered at the Deeply Rooted Church!

Oaths & Boasts

Men's rituals may include partaking in boasting of their accomplishments & Oaths which define the role of the individual within our Tribe. Oaths hold value within our Pagan culture as ways to recognize the accomplishments of others. We encourage folks to carefully consider their Oaths before speaking them to the circle to ensure the task can be accomplished.

Coming of Age Rites for Everyone!

This is also a time to celebrate the Coming of Age Rites like Sagings. A sage is an elder within the Tribe who casts off the identity of the worker, warrior, or hunter & takes up the mantle of advising younger men. Younger men who are coming into their own may also be recognized within the Tribe as having value through their accomplishments. Men honor & hail those who are the workers & warriors of our culture during the period of middle age. All facets of masculinity come into play in Pagan culture during these events.

Firearm Safety

If you like shooting weapons & you have the appropriate education to properly handle your gun, please consider joining the men for a friendly firearm competition. We ask all gun owners to please contact us first before coming to the community with a firearm. Firearm safety is strictly enforced, so please be advised!


Men of every age can share in the camaraderie of the Pagan Brotherhood. Grandfathers, fathers, & sons can come together in the rugged terrain of our wilderness to experience bonding rarely found in the civilized world. Camp, hike, & explore the mysteries which await you in our hallowed forests. Do you have an idea for a Men's Weekend activity? Feel free to contact us with your insight.