Our people are shaped by the natural power of our land. The fruits of this land exist in the shrines. The shrines of our Church were created with the intent of drawing attention to the elemental forces of nature. They provide a protected space of veneration for the energies which work around us & within us. We encourage folks to take a moment to reflect & recognize the present moment. Our shrines exist to be an example of balance, grounding, & inspiration to all.

Deeply Rooted Church is 160 acres of Pagan Homeland. If you're interested in learning more about the Pagan Homeland Foundation & volunteering your time to our shrines, please don't hesitate to contact us!

Grandmother Apple

Grandmother Apple is 120+ year old German Winesap tree. She was originally planted by the ancestors of the Mueller family when they came over from Germany to farm the land. If there was a tree to represent the spirit of Deeply Rooted Church, it would be Grandmother Apple. She is the enduring nature of our Tribe. She is an ecosystem of different spirits with deeply penetrating roots.

Her shrine was created to host an audience of folks seeking answers which lie far beneath the surface. Apple trees are generally associated with love & wisdom seeking. Grandmother Apple provides a place for petitions to be made. Acceptable offerings are natural jewelry, coffee grinds, & biodegradable items of value to the individual making the petition.


Grandmother Apple is aligned with the four directions.


Say "hello" to Deeply Rooted Church. Grandmother Apple's altar is open to petitions & offerings from curious folks.


Speak into Her & listen for the answers.


Deeply Rooted Church first belonged to the Mueller family. Established in the 1890's, the land was settled to become farmland. A group of brave souls poured their blood, sweat, & years into creating a fertile establishment for agriculture. The land of Deeply Rooted had other plans. Their venture ended somewhere around the 1920's & the land remained untended for decades.

In 1999, Wade Mueller inherited 40 acres of land from his still-living parents. He founded what we know today as Deeply Rooted Church from the ashes of his ancestor's hard work. And we're grateful for his sacrifice!


Some folks never feel a sense of belonging to a place or family. Deeply Rooted Church shares its food, drink, & knowledge with those eager for a place to belong.


The Mueller Ancestral ruins show us that the best laid plans can sometimes fail. It doesn't mean that we can rise up & transform into something better than we originally imagined.



Walk the land & experience a taste of a time period different from our own. Candy & offerings of alcohol are just some of the ways to interact! Please bring biodegradable selections only.

the pond

A chorus of amphibians & a symphony of crickets entertains those who spend the night during the summer. Our pond is the element of water which conjures up images of emotional states, psychic abilities, & the dream state. For members of Deeply Rooted Church, the pond also represents the barrier between life & death. Every Yule, we gather to watch the brave souls perform the polar plunge. They descend as the living who test the limits of their bodies & emerge champions of mortality. Our pond accepts natural offerings such as stones, herbs, & alcohol.


Stop & share the simple joy of skipping rocks across the pond. Watch children catch & release frogs. Or you can simply breath & take in the moment around you!


If you're a water witch or a person connected with the element of water, consider interacting with our pond. Make offerings, perform rites, & engage with the interactive land of Deeply Rooted Church.


See our pond in a different light. It's not just a little mud hole. It's a shining specter of moonlight, drizzled in cattails & dreams.

Perform your full moon rite on our land!

faerie circle

Deeply Rooted Church is a natural sanctuary for animals, people, & the spirits of the land. The earth of our Tribe is host for the Fae Folk. The Faerie Shrine stands as a reminder of the unseen who inhabit our land. For those who don't subscribe to the belief of Fae Folk, it is also a place to explore & discover what the land has to offer folks.

Our Faerie Shrine enjoys offerings of candy, butter, cream, beer, coins, silver, gold, frankincense & myrrh, hard alcohol, & natural shiny objects. Folks are encouraged to respectfully offer items if they wish to build a relationship with the Good People. Children & animals appear to have the closest connection to this area. This enchanting shrine was built by Shahara LeFay & her brilliant children.


Envision a world where humanity & nature coexisted with one another. The Fae Folk of Deeply Rooted Church hold on to many mysteries & teach those who are listening.


Stuck in a rut? Come out to Deeply Rooted Church & disconnect from the connected world. Experience something different!


Walk our woods. Breath the clean air. And leave something of yourself with the land.


The Stone Circle is the setting of the majority of our main Sabbat rituals. It was the first of the shrines to be built. The attitude of this patch of land is fiery & untamed. Much like the people of Deeply Rooted Church, the Stone Circle does not conform to traditional rules or social constructs.

Situated on a winding forest Path, the Stone Circle can be hard for some folks to reach. No worries, we're able to accommodate folks who aren't able to come out to the main circle! Please contact us if you require assistance!


Rise to the Challenge of the Gate. How do you enter our circle?


Experience what it means to grow. Paganism in a group setting can be one of the greatest challenge we meet!


We love active participants during our rituals! If you like to help, consider volunteering your time! If you're quiet, that's okay too. There's room for everyone!

the druid grove

A silent grove of hardwood Oak trees stands patiently around a circle of rocks. The Druid Circle was graciously created in 2014 by members of our community & the ADF. It exists as a place of quiet contemplation between the realms of the living & those who have passed on.

Like the Oak trees which surround the Circle, the rituals performed in this space tend to be the most enduring. Many fine memories of laughter resound in this sacred space.


Find grounding energy in the rocks & plants surrounding the Druid Circle. Draw from the strength of the earth around you!


Return to Mother Earth & be reborn in self-awareness.


Find the balance you've been craving. It's all right here! IN THE SACRED SPACE OF NATURE!

the goddess circle

The Goddess Circle was built over a decade ago with the intention of providing a space for the mothers, sisters, grandmothers, & daughters of the Tribe to commune with the divine feminine. This particular Circle had a rough history, however, through time & the efforts of those committed to the land, this shrine shares a place in our tribal heartbeat.

Our Women Weekend Retreat rituals are generally held in this space. This Circle embodies the energy of the divine feminine. We are the nurturers, we are the warriors, & we are those who are in charge of our own destinies. We respect equality and so we welcome, with open arms, those who identify as women! We are inclusive & open to those who are willing to journey in an effort to discover their own sacred feminine.


Share your stories with us in the Circle. Our victories as well as our learning experiences help inspire countless women on their own Path.


Come find out what being a Goddess means! Share your adventure with your sisters!


Time can take from us, however, we can rebuild! Come discover what was lost was never really gone!

the kemetic circle

The Kemetic Circle (Ancient Egyptian) was built by John Robinson for use during rituals aligned with the energy of the Kemetic culture. The land was sanctified by John by petitioning the Lord of the Earth, Geb, & sprinkling home-made natron (salt) in a circle. This space serves as a way to commune with the ancestors of the Kemetic people. Much like the balance of the scales in the Judgement of Osiris rite, this area helps folks find their center.


Release pent up anger & frustrations in a fashion which serves everyone involved. Come to the Kemetic Circle to ground & center in the presence of the Egyptian deity Geb.


Discover what lies beneath the surface. Renew the promises made to yourself at the Kemetic shrine.


Join in venerating the people & culture of the Kemetic world. Overcome hardship & rebuild.

the ancestor shrine

Our Ancestor Shrine is the resting place of souls who have captured the heart of our people. The cremated remains of individuals are placed in the womb of the Earth to rise again in whatever afterlife they envision. It can be described as the entrance to the Summerlands, the Elysian Fields, or Fólkvangr. There are many ways to describe what lies beneath, however the only thing we know for certain is that those who have passed are not forgotten.

This is one of the places where the ashes of our friend Oak Bear reside. Every year at Samhain, our Tribe reads the name of those who are gone in body but exist in the world created by our dreams. We ask that all who come to venerate these ancestors bring some sort of offering such as candy, alcohol, or some other biodegradable gift. If you can not bring something, then consider giving a moment of silence to those who have come before. Thank you.


Stop by the ancestor shrine & contemplate your own mortality. Our time is precious. No matter what we believe, our time is best used towards building a legacy for ourselves & those who come after us.


Speak to those who have passed on before us & leave a part of yourself behind. You don't have to be blood-related to venerate those who have died. Listen to their stories & experiences. Take in what it means to spend a life time at Deeply Rooted Church.


If death positive culture is something you enjoy, consider taking the plunge! Spend time meditating at this shrine & communing with those who are willing to listen. This is a wonderful place to plan for the future & take stock of what resources you already have at your fingertips!

gnome town

Gnome Town exists on the opposite side of the trail from the Faerie Shrine. The Path between them is called "The In Betweens" & is sometimes considered the realm between the worlds. This shrine was created for the children of the Tribe & still remains under construction. We are eagerly looking for volunteers to help us create this sacred space for our Youth. If you're interested in helping out the children & the gnomes of Deeply Rooted Church, please consider contacting us or donating some resources.


Catch a glimpse of the Magick of Deeply Rooted Church by celebrating the natural wonder of the Earth!


Walk in our forests & discover the secrets of our land.


Reveal the hidden youth which resides within us all. Children aren't the only ones who benefit from a close connection with the Good People of the land. Everyone, of every age, can discover a new dimension of themselves!

sophia's grove

The Goddess Sophia was revered by King Solomon. She was honored by Pagans & Christian mystics alike for Her connection to the mysteries of women. Sophia is the creative force of the divine feminine. For this reason, the shrine of the Goddess Sophia was created.

Tucked away in a grove of thorny plum trees, Sophia's Circle of contemplation provides a space for folks who are seeking the deeper wisdom. Appropriate offerings for this area can be red wine, natural jewelry, & other biodegradable gifts to the Goddess. There is no "one, true, right" way to approach this Goddess.

Wisdom comes from sacrifice. If you're interested in seeking such knowledge & you're unsure how to do it, please don't hesitate to contact our clergy. We're here to be a gentle guide on the journey.

This shrine was built by member Peggy Koch. It was originally the brain child of Caretaker Shahara LeFay.


Our plum trees usually produce a large, tasty crop of delicious fruit. Come share in the bounty of our Tribe!


Seek out the hidden wisdom in Sophia's Grove. Dive into a world unexplored & once forgotten.


Take in the dazzling spectacle of nature during the change of seasons. Sophia's grove is a colorful expression of the natural order.

THE fire pit

Sometimes called, "The Social Fire Pit" & sometimes referred to as "the place where we burn scrap wood" the Fire Pit is an unlikely shrine. Not everyone would think the fire pit is a shrine, however, some of us do. It is a shrine to our discussions & the setting of many meetings. It has existed as long as anyone can remember. Just like a person, a sacred space doesn't have to be beautiful to be considered something special. The functionality of this gathering spot is the driving force of communication which strengthens our Tribe.


Feel the rhythm & discover your own groove in our Tribe! We often host drum circles to those who express an interest in providing a beat. Some of us aren't drummers, however, we proudly welcome folks who want to dance!


Our Fire Pit hosts open discussions & educational experiences for those who want to learn more about their spirituality. Come & join us in the adventure of learning!


It can get chilly at Deeply Rooted Church! We ask all of our visitors to wear weather appropriate gear to our events. We also invite you to put up your feet & share in the experiences of your life!

frog hall

Through the contributions of many generous people, Frog Hall rose up in the summer of 2014. It was a wild ride, with many unexpected twists & turns. We made it though & reached our goal! Our Tribe takes pride in the fact that through the efforts of many talented individuals & the great sacrifice of time, we built our new lodge!


Enjoy a hot cup of coffee & the warm conversation of friends.


Get involved & stay active! Volunteer for our projects! Every skill level is welcome! Practical education available for those willing to grow & learn!


Find out who you are through the experiences & interactions of like-minded peers!


Do you like to read? Our library boasts an impressive selection of over 7K titles! We consider the pursuit of knowledge one of our highest values & we are willing to share the wealth of information with those who are willing to learn!

These are just a few of the subjects available for checkout in our massive library!

  • Children's Books

  • Spiritual Traditions from Alexandrian Wicca to Zoroastrianism & everything in between! No matter what you're curious about, we probably have you covered!

  • Science Fiction

  • History, General Fiction, Non-fiction, Self-Help, Poetry, & so much more!


Take on the journey of adding to your knowledge through our diverse selection of spiritual reading materials! No matter what you're into, we're likely to have a book on the topic!


We're always seeking out charitable donations of Pagan books, magazines, & related media to add to our already massive library. We also use donations of media towards our Pagan Prison Ministry. If you have books lying around, please consider donating them to our effort!


We're consistently searching for organized individuals to catalog our massive library! If you enjoy taking on projects, please consider volunteering your time!


The dense cover of the Hemlock Grove has always served as being a sacred place to discover the deep, inexplicable facets of the Pagan Path for our Tribe. Once a year, we welcome back the Fae Folk, Gods, & other entities associated with Pagan veneration in our Samhain Gate Ritual. If you enjoy the solitude of the untamed forest, then the Hemlock Grove will suit your needs.

Dive into the mysteries of Paganism, the Fae Folk, & other esoteric concepts by meditating in the shadow of the impenetrable Hemlock trees. Discover something of yourself lost in the whispers of time & space in this enigmatic grove of evergreen trees. The Hemlocks are locked in a silent battle with the land as they change the PH of the soil & slowly conquer the landscape. In your own exploration, you may find the Path you have taken into the Hemlock grove has changed. Get yourself ready to discover a different Path through the woods & possibly through life.


Find an answer in the riddle of Hemlock trees & natural obstacles as you traverse to the grove. The Hemlocks are a splendid place for self transformation, realization, & growth!


Seek the deeper mysteries of Paganism & Deeply Rooted Church in meditation. The Hemlock Grove boasts a natural sinkhole which some folks believe is a passage to the underworld.


The Path to the Hemlock Grove is not a beginner feat of exertion. If you enjoy hiking in the woods, this trek might be for you! Come prepared with appropriate shoes & gear. If you have any questions about appropriate attire, please don't hesitate to contact us!


The Aurora Portal tree is a German Winesap apple tree exhibiting some unique physical properties. This sacred space is an ideal area for working out emotions & other complex conditions. Much like Grandmother Apple, this space serves to be a place for emotional release & reconciliation. Aurora was named the 'portal tree' by Kathryn Ruland for the physical characteristic of the hole which was naturally formed inside the tree. This can be an excellent area for those who are seeking to vent out frustrations or deal with personal conflict. Acceptable offerings include natural jewelry, sea shells, candy, & alcohol. If you feel drawn to this particular area, we encourage folks to leave biodegradable offerings.


The Aurora Portal Tree is home to a shrine for the Goddess Aphrodite. This space was dedicated to the Greek Goddess of Love, relationships, & sexuality. If you feel moved to leave an offering, we advocate you to do so as long as it is safe for the environment. We want to protect everyone, including our land & the animals on it! Offerings are never required, however they are encouraged,


This area is closely associated with the element of water. If you need a sacred space to vent anger & other volatile emotions, this is the place! You may take some time to collect your feelings by yourself or you may ask a member of the clergy to help you. Your journey is your own. You decide what Path is appropriate for yourself!


If you need a place to cleanse or release spiritually, the Aurora Portal Tree is the perfect area for such activities! Conduct your own spiritual cleansing ceremonies or ask a member of the clergy to assist you in your effort. We're here to help!