Clergy Training Program

Are you interested in becoming a member of our clergy?

f the prospect of becoming clergy appeals to you, consider the following concepts:

  • Service to others is foremost in clergy. We exist to guide, assist, & listen to folks on their spiritual journey. We do not exist to force people into situations which make them feel uncomfortable to stroke our own egos. We encourage an open-door policy with our members & we strive to be approachable.

  • Sacrifice is one of the main precepts of being seen as clergy in our Tribe. A person who demonstrates the ability to grow beyond themselves & change for the role they are being considered nurtures the concept of sacrifice.

  • Giving to others in our Tribe is important, however, we also grow to learn how to serve ourselves. Self care is vital for maintaining emotional, physical, & spiritual well-being.

  • Clergy & the Board of Directors are positions of trust. Confidential information is entrusted to those who serve & it is our honor to protect sensitive information.

  • Self-reliance & self-motivation are key factors to being clergy. No one will constantly be holding your hand or giving you praise for your deeds. Clergy work is performed without resentment, guilt, or the need for constant recognition.

  • A commitment to the land & its well being is important. Our land is our identity & ultimately it is the source of our spiritual wealth. We ask that all clergy prospects develop a personal relationship & respect for the land of Deeply Rooted Church.

  • The ordained clergy are not the deciding factor in the rite of ordination. Our church looks to the membership to approve applicants & voice any concerns they may have about that individual.


Becoming clergy at our community is a process. We are currently working on a course study to help our students on their Path. We initially go over the expectations of the clergy with our applicants & suggest reading material. Our students must build a relationship with the land, the organization, the Tribe of Deeply Rooted Church, & the greater Pagan community to be considered for the process of ordination. We make every reasonable accommodations for our students during this time. We encourage curious individuals to inquire with us if they are interested in serving our people.


Applicants must demonstrate the following skills to be considered for our clergy training:

  • A sincere interest in the well being of our community & land.

  • The ability to go outside of their comfort zone & a willingness for self-growth.

  • A desire to serve others & themselves to build a reciprocal relationship with the organization.


Ordination is the process by which people are recognized as members of the clergy team in our organization. There are many ways to perform the rite, however, the most important factor is acceptance from our Tribe. This video provides an example of our ordination process & some of the qualifying factors.