Clergy Corner


As clergy, we pledge the following to our community:

  • We are committed to serving our Tribe any way we are able. We each possess a different skill set. We can use those differences to ignite loyalty & create a stronger community for everyone.

  • No member of our clergy rests on their laurels after ordination. After the ordaining rite, it is our responsibility to keep seeking out knowledge & ways to improve ourselves. We do this in the spirit of providing our community with competent & courageous members of the clergy.

  • We seek to put out the fires which could damage the health & emotional well-being of our Tribe. We sometimes seek to light fires of inspiration in those individuals who seek guidance in improving themselves & our community.

  • No job is too tall for clergy. If a situation requires our attention be it rewiring the solar array or helping out a young mother in time of need, we rise to the challenge. We do our best even if it is outside of our comfort zone. There is growth in new experiences & we stand to be examples of that growth.

  • It is not our job to tell people what to think. We strive to empower individuals to find their own Path in Paganism or perhaps another spiritual Path. We bridge the worlds, set the stage, & make the initial greetings, however we do not force folks to believe as we do. This is the spirit of Freedom which is the Path of Modern Paganism.


Our clergy team is made up of individuals who are outwardly different, however there is a common thread uniting those who seek the Path of clergy. We exist to serve ourselves & our community in reciprocal interactions. Our clergy are the ambassadors of our community to the rest of the secular world. We remain representatives of not only the Deeply Rooted Church, but also the modern Paganism movement. It is our honor & responsibility to promote an honest vision of our church to the world abroad. We are hard-working, self-reliant, & imaginative individuals who care deeply for the wellbeing of our Tribe.


Wade Mueller is the senior member of our ordained clergy team. He is of the Norse tradition & identifies as a Tyrsman. Like Tyr, Wade's life has been the definition of sacrifrice. His friends know him to be the deep-rooted Oak in the forest that is our Tribe. His cool demeanor is like the outward facing back of the hardwood which serves to house a heart of hospitality, service, & unwavering friendship.

Wade's life isn't the lacquered veneer or the "idea" of spirituality. He is the heartwood of Paganism from which we all grow.

We are grateful for his dry humor & enduring wit!


Loud music & somber rituals is the flavor of Chad's clergy experience. This member of our clergy is known for his ability to remain neutral in trying circumstances & uses his neutrality to quell already tense situations. We can rely on Chad to remain apart from confrontation & provide us with a different perspective.

Chad's passion for his ancestral Path of Strega emanates throughout his memorable rituals. Ignited the spark of curiosity in individuals through his fearless pursuit of Magick, Chad stands as an example of the lasting effect these rites have on our lives.


Brandi enters the room as if she commands the respect & authority of an army. And it's blatantly obvious from interactions with Brandi that she actually does!

This Norse woman embodies the harsh discipline of a lifetime of self-denial. She wields this discipline gently, like a sharpened blade, aware of the effect of her own momentum on those around her.

Brandi's passions include reading, writing, & being an active participant in life. Her zeal for volunteering remains a constant reminder of what it means to be clergy. Through her service to the community, we grow in ways we never thought imaginable & revel in what we took for granted. Brandi is the bonfire of warm welcomes & the inferno of conviction.


Shining Quill adores the colorful symbolism of the dream state. Embarking on the road less traveled, this eclectic Witch journeys the spiral Path through expressions of ancestor veneration & admiration of Folk Magick practices. This member of our clergy enjoys learning about different cultures by experiencing them through the five senses.

Quill is devoted to the Goddess Kali & the Lord Ganesha. While she does not identify as a person walking the Path of Hinduism, she holds the entire Hindu pantheon in very high regard. Shining Quill honors the many Gods which make up her personal pantheon by educating folks through attempting to bridge the lands between this world & what lies beyond.

She is joined in her adventure by her handsome husband Tim & her five little girls.


Oak Bear (also known as Daniel Moeller in the muggle world) was a larger than life character. He studied Druidry & was recognized as a high-ranking member of the Order of Bards, Druids, & Ovates. He aggressively pursued the Path of the Druid through phone correspondences with trained professionals in the United Kingdom. He was known to many folks in the Wisconsin Pagan scene & yet this regal gentlemen remained humble right up until the end of his life. He was an artist, a friend to animals, & demonstrated a fierce conviction that every life has meaning.

He is the personification of bravery, creativity, & service which is the goal of every member of our clergy team. The legend of Oak Bear is remembered every year around Mabon & folks gather from all corners to share their experiences with this man. He walked like a gracious king even though he often played the role of the Merlin in our midst. He left this world, survived by his dedicated wife Sandy & his striking son, Chris. Oak Bear passed on to the Summerlands, however, he did not leave us. We continue to revel in the sacrifices of this member. Oak Bear is felt in the laughter of Tribe, which was perhaps his greatest gift to us.


Daniel Moeller with one of his beloved pets.


Gentle & kind-hearted. Our Tribe remembers the man who carried himself like a King & continued to show us the spirit of generosity in his everyday actions.


  • Handfastings / Handpartings

  • Wiccanings / Naming ceremonies

  • Sagings & Cronings

  • Spiritual counseling

  • Reading lists

  • End of life rites / Death transition rituals

  • Funerals

  • Coming of age rites

  • Personalized rituals

  • Divination such as tarot, runes, ogham, bone throwing, etc.

  • Dream interpretation

  • Sabbat services

  • "2.0" rituals

  • Conjure services (Kim Frank only)

  • Spiritual education such as assisting folks in performing their own rituals, spells, etc.

  • House blessings / Cleansing

  • Peer Mediation

  • Prison Ministry

Don't see what you're looking for here? No worries! Contact a member of our staff & let's see what we can do!


If the visions & words of our community have reached you in some manner, then we ask that you consider the following:

  • Do you consider yourself to be self-motivated & hunger for knowledge?

  • Are you an avid reader?

  • Do you share concern for others & seek to improve yourself through social interactions?

  • Is the planet or Mother Earth sacred to you? Do you fight for the wellbeing of the land?

  • Are you seeking purpose in your life? Do you crave hard work which pushes you outside of your comfort zone?

If you've answered 'yes' honestly to these questions, you may be a candidate for training. You may start your Path by becoming a member & learning our culture. Take some time & absorb all our organization has to offer. If you've got brilliant ideas & the will to manifest them, then contact us! You'll receive more information regarding volunteering & clergy training! WE'RE WAITING FOR YOU!