Board of Directors


Our Board of Directors exists to serve the needs of the community. Our Board meetings remain open to the public to promote a culture of transparency, respect, & to allow our membership to voice their concerns without fear of retaliation. Board meetings are generally held on the Sunday of each recognized Sabbat. Guests & visitors are welcome to attend & learn more about the inner workings of our community!


Please take a moment to get to know the individuals who give mind, body, & soul to our community. Being a member of the Board of Directors comes with the sizable responsibility of facing challenges with dignity, respect, & honor. All members of our Board of Directors have faced & conquered many hurdles over the years. They share experiences which enrich the culture enjoyed by Deeply Rooted Church!


Mike H. came to our community within the last decade. Mike H. represents what it means to be a Norseman in his actions. He is reliable, hard-working, & always present in the moment.

Mike brings to our Board his ability to ask tough questions & does it in such a way the information is palatable. He is currently serving as Treasurer & we are grateful for all which he does for us!


Brandi P. has long been a diligent volunteer in our community. She earned a place in our Tribe with her forthright attitude, her willingness to listen, & superb problem-solving skills during times of chaos.

Brandi also brings with her an indomitable spirit which is characteristic of her Norse background. It serves as an inspiration to those who are sometimes afraid to speak & commands the confidence needed to be a leader.

Our Board of Directors & our clergy team thrive from the abundance & blessings which are the result of Brandi's hard work.

wade mueller

Wade Mueller, a Tyrsman, embodies the spirit of justice & balance. Wade provides a lifeboat in the sea of chaotic modern society. The founder of Deeply Rooted Church, Wade shared his vision of self-reliance, personal growth, & his passion for philosophy with literally thousands of Pagans.

Wade provides our Board of Directors with an honest evaluation of resources, man power, & time management. He is often the grounding element when ideas tend to fly away. Wade is the reminder to our Tribe that we should be mindful of the needs of others when walking on our Path.


John R. has only been with us for about three years. In the short time he has been a member of Deeply Rooted Church, John has shown an incredible drive to learn & grow within our community. Sometimes, it feels as though John has been with us a much longer time.

Standing in Circle with John makes each ritual more comfortable. John brings his warm, inviting attitude into our Board meetings. His experience in defending our country as a Marine, makes him a valuable asset to our team.

We are grateful for John's persisting spirit & will to improve our community. Thank you, John!


Kevin C. came to us a few years ago. From the first ritual to the present, Kevin has consistently proven himself to be an outstanding listener. He is also very much a rational being, & will often bring up questions from a perspective not always embraced.

Noble is the word to describe Kevin. While his rational mind is dominant, he is also highly approachable & respectful. Because of this nobility, Kevin is able to communicate difficult concepts & ideas to a wide range of folks.

We are grateful for this individual because he brings with him a lifetime of experience in the Pagan community, a sound mind, & a big heart.


Kim F. came to Deeply Rooted Church about a decade ago. She & her partner at the time were exploring the viability of living in an off-grid & intentional Pagan community. Through a series of completely unrelated events, Kim discovered Deeply Rooted Church.

From the first moment she rode down the twisting driveway near Imbolc, she knew Deeply Rooted was her home. For a little over a year, Kim lived at Deeply Rooted Church with her dog Sammie & her furbaby Kota, an awesome ferret, RIP.

Kim is passionate about volunteering in the community. Her focus is spreading ideas about being death positive, ancestor veneration, & educating folks on African American culture.


When the dark nights of winter are upon us & we need our Tribe cheered up, Kathryn Ruland comes to the rescue. She's the newest member of our Board of Directors, however, she's no stranger to our Church. Kathryn has been with the Deeply Rooted Church for many years. A self-made successful woman, Kathryn emboldens us with her vivacious attitude, crafty kitchen witch lore, & her show stopping voice.

Kathryn is a performer who teaches us to speak loudly, be brave, & stand up for those who can not do it for themselves. She exemplifies what it means to be a hero & proudly protects the rights of others through her activism. Kathryn is so much more than just a face in the crowd, she is the voice of modern women crying out for justice. Our Kathryn is most proud of her two children & her mother. She is an embodiment of many elements rolled into one & we are lucky to have her on our team!


Our ELECTION process begins on YULE. During a meeting of the Board of Directors, we nominate candidates for 2-3 positions. We do not allow campaigns to be run, however, we do allow our nominated folks to post a brief biography about themselves. During IMBOLC, we count the votes & determine the winners as chosen by our membership. There is always one member of the CARETAKERS & one member of the CLERGY COUNCIL appointed on the Board of Directors to ensure a fair voice for all. If you have any questions about the election process, please don't hesitate to contact us for more information!