Paisley Woodside has been with Deeply Rooted Church for over fifteen years. An intrepid explorer of the unusual & the bizarre, Miss Paisley is a fearless inspiration to our young women. Through a chaotic sea of intense words & a whirlpool of emotions, she navigates without effort to discover what lies behind the mask. Providing an a much-needed port in the storm, Paisley continues to be the anchor for the ship of our dreams. She is a writer, a poet, & a Priestess of the Goddesses Kali, Hecate, & Hestia. She is the culmination of boldness, Magick, & compassionate hospitality.

And as you can see, Miss Paisley serves with the class & authority of a proper hostess.


Elders are the foundation of our Tribe. They're the pioneers, innovators, & adventurers who went before us. Through the natural course of trial & error, the experiences of our elders are a vast well of resources. The application of hard-won knowledge can have both practical & dramatic effects on the entire well being of the community.

Honoring our Elders is more than just words. It's in actions & willingness to serve. Our organization strives to be an inclusive place for folks who want to work & contribute something of themselves in the spirit of self-reliance and personal growth. Our Elders deserve respect, consideration, & a listening ear. We do our best to include our Elders in ritual as well as put their experience to work.

Some of these folks have been there from the very beginning, providing the necessary bedrock for our community to grow. Others have earned a place in our circle through their actions, words, & character. If you are an Elder seeking a place & purpose within a community, Deeply Rooted Church might be for you. No one has to go at it alone - no matter what the age.


Nick Wozniak is a warrior. A hero to our country & a devoted medic during the Vietnam war, Nick has seen much during his travels. He is a humble man who still manages to flash a charming grin & a helping hand. We are privileged to be in the audience of a person who is so willing to help others along their Path.

He's also an excellent cook! Nick continues to inspire us through his unique culinary offerings. This man provides engaging conversation for everyone from children, bikers, young mothers, hard workers & healthcare professionals. We are blessed to have a dashing communicator who exemplifies the spirit of our roots.

Nick reminds us that time does not diminish a person who is set on becoming more than a face with a name. We can control our destinies by our actions.


Sandy Moeller, also known as "Morgan" to her friends in the spiritual community has been an active contributor to the Modern Pagan movement for several decades. Sandy's life before Deeply Rooted Church is a testament to the patience, understanding, & power which strong women command.

A versatile character, Sandy has been a cherished member of the nursing profession, a dedicated mother, & a devoted wife. Her dependability & depth of understanding serve as an inspiration to everyone of how a life of hard work & determination can conquer any fear. Sandy is currently in the process of exploring more of her Pagan Path & we're honored to be walking with her on this part of the journey.

Sandy reminds us that with every knot tied, we are closer to manifesting the dreams we've been chasing for a lifetime.


John Robinson is a proud defender of the rights & freedoms of others. John is currently serving as a member of our Clergy Council & brings with him a lifetime of valuable experiences. He is eager not only to teach, yet he is also hungry for knowledge. John's passions extend beyond his demure character & announce themselves through the expression of his ritual.

John is intensely connected to the legacy left to him by his fore bearers. He is a student of Kemetic (Ancient Egyptian) culture & has lineage connected to African American folk Magick. He is soft spoken, gentle, & overtly introspective.

His way is gentle like a spring rain, however his spirit is like the thunder in the distance. John reminds us that a person doesn't have to be aggressive or cruel to be heard - they can be gentle & precise in their words. Thank you, John!

Tom Sowle enjoying an afternoon at Deeply Rooted Church.


Tom Sowle found his way to Deeply Rooted Church a few years ago. This gentle man walks tall & carries a big heart. Tom is always willing to greet folks into our community with a friendly hug & a warm smile. He is currently studying comparative religions & provides our clergy with the opportunity to teach. Tom is eager to learn, asking many questions & trying to find his way on his own personal Path.

He is also an asset to the rituals that he attends. He remains an active participant during our events. Tom is also an observer & assists our clergy when he notices a person feeling left out amidst the busy energy of a major Sabbat. Those suggestions, heads up, & comments are what enable our clergy team to function at its best.

Tom teaches us that sometimes we need to look at our spirituality as an ever-evolving process as opposed to a fixed idea. We are blessed to have an individual like Tom to help us better understand the flexibility in spirituality & also the meaning of openness. Thank you, Tom!

In Memorial: Oak Bear

Dan Moeller "Oak Bear" was one of the founding members of Deeply Rooted Church's Clergy team. This wonderful man was an adoptive father to folks who struggled to fit in. Oak Bear stood out in a crowd. His boisterous conversation & occasional eruptive laughter drew shy people in. He acted as the gate-keeper of Deeply Rooted by welcoming all new folks with a hug & some sort of Pagan jewelry.

This man has passed on from the physical world, however, he is not dead. His Druid spirit lives on in the whisper of the trees in our forest, in the warm embrace of Tribe, & in the generosity of volunteers who were inspired by the man behind the legend.