Clergy Council


Every person follows the beat of their own drum. Collectively, our Tribal drum beat would be incomplete without our friend Wade. He is the steady voice of reason & the calm eye of the chaotic storm. The depth of Wade's ocean of serenity comes from his precise & intentional way of living. Wade is a full-time caretaker to Deeply Rooted Church as well as a passionate environmental protector. When folks think of words to describe Wade, they are reliability, strength, & sacrifice. We are blessed to have this figure in our lives as a living example of how humanity can step back from its self & consciously strive for something better.

Wade rewards his friends with his vibrant wit, distinct beliefs, & his craving for adventure. He is also the founder of the Pagan Homeland Foundation & our Prison ministry outreach program.


A person doesn't have to conform to standards set by others to be a success. Brandi teaches our community the value & strength of questioning the world. She strives to be undefined, intelligent, & compassionate to those who seek a better Path for themselves. Brandi walks her Path with her head held high. She speaks with the thunder of conviction & unapologetically sets a new standard for women in the world.

Brandi is the spirit of reinventing one's self to a higher standard previously unimaginable. She is surgically precise in her method to extract the truth from beneath the veneer that covers reality. As clergy, we would be lost without her efforts to always perform what is necessary for the benefit of our Tribe.

Brandi is the founder of Warrior Women Weekend Retreat. For more information, please contact us.


Chad is the explosion of energy which you never expect. He quietly ignites from the inside through the study of comparative forms of Paganism, Gnosticism, & other spiritual Paths. He bursts into action like a firecracker on a hot summer's night. The hungry fire for knowledge & new experiences warms our community.

Chad sets alight a new world of spiritual adventures for our organization. The embers of Chad's rituals glimmer in the darkness of chilly Samhain gatherings & illuminate the interests of our members.

While Chad can be silent as he observes individuals during a gathering, he is never dormant. His mind continues to kindle the promise of blazing new trails of undiscovered country. Chad is the bastion of fiery & effective Magick.


Quill came to Deeply Rooted Church during a dark time period of her life. Like a castaway survivor, Quill had much growing to do in her life to make a home for herself at Deeply Rooted. Through the efforts of countless friends, teachers, & spiritual guides, Quill developed into the person she envisioned.

Quill is an avid student of African American culture & folk Magick. She is most inspired by the sacred Tribes who were ripped from their homes in West Africa & stripped of their cultural identity. Quill continues to be dazzled by the strength & majesty of the Yoruba people. She makes every attempt to educate folks about African American Conjure & spiritual Paths.

While Quill isn't of African American genetics, she still finds courage in the will of a people too proud to be conquered.

Quill is also passionate about ancestor veneration, the recognition of elders in our Tribe, & Death positivity. She is easing into her role as mother & looks forward to teaching her young ones about Pagan & African spirituality.

Quill is also a writer & aspires to become published.


Every journey begins with a single, simple step. John Robinson is the spirit of determination, courage, & unrelenting will. He is a Kemetic priest & a student of the Deeply Rooted Church. John commands respect & authority by gently expressing the wealth of knowledge buried deep within his heart.

In ancient Kemet, the heart of the deceased was weighed before the Gods. John's heart soars on the scales, through his expression of introspection & captivating ritual. He is a testament & credit to the legacy left to him by his ancestors.

John reminds us of the strength, power, & royalty of the ancient Kemetic peoples through his actions. Our Tribe attempts to provide a symbiotic relationship with those who work with us. John rewards us with examples of how to love someone without losing yourself in the process. We are grateful for this exchange!


Stephanie Arnold is more than merely a survivor. One look at this woman & the way she carries herself imparts what it means to be a warrior in today's world. During our Circles, Stephanie will speak proudly of her accomplishments. She teaches women to own their battles. Stephanie also teaches us to own our victories & our failures. Celebrating the full circle of what life has to offer, Stephanie weaves her way into the heart of those who feel lost.

She is a mother, a devoted girlfriend, & a generous soul who gives wholly of herself to her friends. This lady warrior holds the sword of will in one hand & the shield of experience in the other. Younger women can learn from Stephanie & share in her life story she makes available to all.

Stephanie is an exemplary relater & communicator which makes her a wonderful ambassador of our Tribe. She is passionate about children & pets. She champions for those who do not have a voice & we are grateful for her roar.




After reading our biographies, do you feel the call of service? If you're interested in becoming a member of our clergy, then please don't hesitate to contact us! We'd love to discuss our vision & hear your contribution to our team.