Living at Deeply Rooted Church is so much different from living in the Urban world! So much of what we take for granted becomes apparent while living or visiting our community. We're an off-grid community which means that we're not connected to the electrical grids, sewage systems, or any sort of help from the outside world.

As you can see, things don't always go the way we plan & nature will constantly remind us to be humble. At Deeply Rooted Church, we don't live apart or above nature. We understand the intimate connection & interdependence that humanity has on the four elements.



Wade Mueller, founder, engages in full-time Pagan Prison Ministry Outreach in 6 different prison facilities throughout the state of Wisconsin. His interests include philosophy, debate, ecology, self-reliance, sustainable living, & all things Pagan. Wade enjoys reading 1970's military sci-fi books as well as the classic works of Sir Terry Pratchett. His efforts beyond his outreach include the Pagan Homeland Foundation.


Shahara LeFay, mother of five children, began her off-grid journey at Deeply Rooted Church almost two decades ago. She successfully home-schooled three children during her tenure as Caretaker. Shahara is fiercely passionate about Veganism, Gardening, and volunteers at many organic co-ops throughout the area. Shahara is dedicated to helping our organization thrive! For many years, Shahara has cooked delicious meals and selflessly provided childcare and mentor-ship for young mothers. Shahara makes her presence known in our local community by serving as a librarian & library event coordinator. She is a writer, a poet, and an avid fan of Harry Potter!


Brandi Pearson is actively involved in just about every collaborative effort put forth by our organization. Always willing to lend a helping hand or a listening ear, Brandi embodies what it means to be a member of our Church. In the muggle world, Brandi is a trained Operating Room Attendant & assists doctors in performing surgeries which better the lives of patients afflicted with chronic pain. Brandi is passionate about her studies in Norse culture & is always willing to educate those seeking knowledge.



Shining Quill the Unicorn

Shining Quill (muggle name: Kim Frank) is a part-time caretaker of the Deeply Rooted Church. She is the mother of five adorable (and mischievous) little girls who always manage to keep this Unicorn on her toes. Quill studies African American culture & Folk Magick. She enjoys educating folks on how the journey of African American Conjure work has transformed since its creation. She also likes to write & can be quite long-winded.


Miranda, Phoebe, Rose, Ava, and Zoe Frank are the children of Shining Quill. Miranda adores athletics, Phoebe enjoys artwork, Rose is a technology wizard, Ava loves to belt out songs, and Zoe...

Zoe is a highly self-confident social butterfly who sometimes goes by the moniker "Princess Flower Pig."

All of Quill's children are cooler than her, & that's okay :)

Tim Frank is the gentle soul who joined Quill on her crazy ride through parenting TWO SETS OF TWINS & a singleton in the middle! The Frank Family helps Deeply Rooted Church any way they are able.




Kevin & Stephanie Martens are frequent volunteers for Deeply Rooted Church. Kevin commands an online empire of antique railroading transactions. He is the engineer & mechanically-inclined friend of the cursed machinery that calls Deeply Rooted home. Always willing lend assistance any way he can, Kevin is a valuable member of our community.

Stephanie Martens is a mom to two kitty furbabies. A gifted intuitive & photographer, Steph is most at home when she is creating something for people to make them smile. She is also a talented chain-mail weaver & shares her innovative endeavors with folks through social media & real-world platforms. Steph likes to coordinate donation drives & is also responsible for managing our online media.


Kristen has been a member of Deeply Rooted Church for a few years now. In that time, we've known Kristin to be a great listener, amazing baker, an expressive artist, & an eager volunteer. Usually working behind the scenes, Kristin remains a vital part of our community through her generosity & willingness to grow. She is also a nurturing soul who often volunteers to help with much-needed childcare. Thank you, Kristen!


John Z. is a one-of-a-kind. An ambitious self-taught engineer, John is viewed as a jack-of-many-trades & motivated self-starter. He's quick to make an original joke to get a rise out of the unsuspecting mopey face. John's projects include fighting back the weeds of our untamed land & building tiny cabins for the use of others. He combines his technomancy talents with Kevin Martens in trying to fix the cursed machinery of our community. Where would we be without John? THANK YOU!