About US


The Community Center was the original structure which housed our gatherings. After a decade or so of use, it was ready to be retired! We thank the hard-working volunteers & the generous folks who donated for our new facility!



In the Summer of 1999, Deeply Rooted began her journey as a nonprofit Pagan Church situated in the loam of rural Northwoods Wisconsin. Those first few years were a wild ride. Like just about every organization involving people, Deeply Rooted Church encountered the challenges & stumbling blocks which are involved with growth.

Founded by Wade Mueller, Deeply Rooted was intended to be a place for folks to form a deeper connection with the natural world around them. Void of the constant electrical chatter of machinery & the bombardment of the internet, the land of Deeply Rooted provided Pagan folk with the ability to tune into the vibes of the world around them.

Over the years, Deeply Rooted saw Pagan culture evolve into what it is today. Paganism isn't done yet! We've got an uphill battle to conquer before we can really get to work! Our church strives to be a sanctuary where folks can be themselves & be presented with the opportunity of self-growth, empowerment, and Tribe.

If you feel called to our community, please don't hesitate to contact us! We'd be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our organization or Paganism!


The Community Center was built on the foundation of 'less is more' which fit the model of our community decades ago.


Our original lodge was tiny! It housed two loft co-ed sleeping areas, a kitchen, large wood stove, & a growing library! During a larger gathering, it was standing room only!


Our old kitchen was stocked with food! The rule was - and still is - that all food on the first floor is free for those needing sustenance. We share our bounty with you!

it wasn't easy OR PRETTY

In 2014, Deeply Rooted Church began construction of the new lodge. Through the generous donations of many caring folks, and the hard labor put in by our volunteers, we were able to construct a splendid new area for our members to meet & greet!

After many hard struggles, our new lodge was finally standing!

A picturesque Beltane altar! We celebrate the fertility of the God & Goddess as well as Mother Earth!


We recognize all 8 major Sabbats. The goal of Deeply Rooted Church is to provide Pagans & Pagan friendly folks the ability to participate, perform, & contribute something of themselves into every ritual we do. You do not have to be a member of our clergy to lead a ritual. All that is required is the will to add value to our community & the world.

We welcome folks of all skills & knowledge levels to participate in our rites. Not feeling adventurous? No worries! You are more than welcome to simply sit back and observe most of our rituals from the side lines! Still have questions? Please reach out and contact us!


Deeply Rooted Church provides an array of spiritual services available at no charge for Pagans or Pagan-friendly folks. If you are in need of clergy services, please visit our Clergy page for more information regarding what is available to you & your family!


Deeply Rooted Church maintains a legacy of inclusiveness within our organization & projects this attitude to the greater Pagan Community. We do not discriminate folks based on age, race, sexuality, gender identity, (dis) ability, creed, or any other protected status. We celebrate our diversity & differences as a universal statement of strength! We draw on our differences & grow from those experiences. WE CELEBRATE OUR DIVERSITY!