Preventing blindness by

improving retinal therapy

AI tools to empower ophthalmologists

Our Vision

Preventing blindness by improving retinal therapy

deepeye empowers ophthalmologists to provide individual therapy to patients suffering from retinal eye diseases like Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) and others with a prevalence of >12% in the European and US population, thus preventing the causes of more than 90% of blindness‘.

Our Approach

Treatment of retinal diseases is complex, costly and hardly allows individual treatment of patients

By developing AI tools for ophthalmology, we plan to significantly improve the therapy process for patients and doctors.

This enables individualized patient care and even more successful therapy outcomes.

Our Solution

The digital therapy assistant

deepeye develops therapy decision support systems for ophthalmologists. Based on high quality retinal images (OCTs), our deep learning models provide a 2nd opinion on the current therapy need and predicts future appointments.

Our partners

The unfair deepeye advantage

deepeye works with all leading OCT manufacturers to make our solutions accessible with one click - directly in all major ophthalmic PACS. We also work with all leading retinal pharma as well as leading ophthalmic associations.