Mrs. Christie Grade 4

Hi and welcome to the fourth grade. My name is Linda Christie. I am a member of the Dedham School family and very proud of it. This is my 44th year as a teacher. My first two years of teaching were spent at the Ella P. Burr School in Lincoln and this is my 42nd year in my second home, the Dedham School. I feel like the luckiest teacher alive to spend my life here and all the better with my husband teaching eighth grade. Tom just retired, but I will remain for one more year. I remind myself often that I have the greatest job on earth.

The fourth graders get some special perks starting this year:

BAND: Beginning band. Enthusiasm takes over as kids are introduced to each instrument. Those that join are treated to weekly sectional instrument lessons with Mrs. Briggs along with weekly whole band practice. August 31st, the first day of school, will be our instrument demonstration. Be on the lookout for information and parent consent.

THE MUSICAL: Fourth graders are eligible to join the spring musical. It will be our 20th year performing favorite musicals. I must say it is very rewarding to see our students show off their talents to friends and family on stage. For me it is a really big highlight. It involves 6 weeks of rehearsals from Feb. to April ending with final performances for the school and the public. This year's musical will be "Frozen."

Stay tuned in the fall for details.

Please always feel free to contact me or call with any questions or concerns.

843-6498 Dedham School