Office of Special Education

Dear Parents and Guardians,

As a department whose goal is to give every child, 3 through 22 years old, the opportunity to make solid and meaningful educational and career choices post graduation, we have placed the highest priority on the home-school partnership. At all times, creating an environment where parents and guardians feel that their views are respected and their opinions and feedback count is of paramount importance.

Our connectedness is the key to facilitating information, building relationships, and providing an active forum that offers information, refuge, and healing for families and children. As we all know from our own personal experiences, no one person can provide a solution for every challenges presented. It takes a team to analyze, synthesize and put into action, strategies that are practical and reasonable for solving challenges that our children and adolescents present.

Schools preventatively look at all children through a multi-disciplinary approach to analyze the particular challenges of a youngster and assist students with diverse histories, experiences, and needs. They offer a myriad of supports to our students and complement the efforts of families and the community in which they live. The role models of our teachers, the schools’ emphasis on core values, and the organizational structures assist us in our efforts.

Our staff work together to share resources, create an atmosphere where children remain our central focus; feeling safe and challenged intellectually, with the ultimate goal that a self assured, respectful, honest, responsible, and compassionate young adult will develop and generalize the skills they need for future independence.

We believe in our students. We believe in our staff. We believe in you.



Liza O’Connell

Director of Special Education