Department of English Language Learners

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ELL Mission Statement

All English learners will develop the social and academic English language proficiency that will allow them to meet grade level expectations. Students will be given the necessary amount of English support to help them achieve this goal. All English Language Learners will work toward becoming proficient on the WIDA ACCESS test, as well as meeting grade level expectations. An appreciation of diversity in language and culture and adherence to high expectations will set a positive learning environment.

We want to help your children learn English so they can succeed in school and in life!

ELL Program Description

The ELL Program consists of two parts- English Language Development and Sheltered English Immersion. English Language Development is taught by the school’s certified ESL teacher in small groups of EL students. Students receive between 45 and 90 minutes of instruction daily, depending on English proficiency level. For the rest of the day, teachers trained in Sheltered English techniques, provide comprehensible student instruction.

Your children receive extra help with English throughout the day.