U.S.S. Science

science teachers....

  • Ms. Condy
  • Mrs. Dobson
  • Ms. Hale
  • Mr. Kouba
  • Mr. Lewis
  • Mrs. Martens
  • Ms. Minor
  • Mrs. Orschel
  • Ms. Redman
  • Mme. Roberts
  • Ms. Sherazi
  • Mrs. Wride

Inspiring questions!

  • We strive to inspire students to explore, ask questions and develop problem solving skills!

Science study room:

  • EVERY Monday & Thursday in Room 233: 11:35 - 11:55am
  • ALL students welcome!
  • The study room will serve to provide & promote a(n):
    • collaborative student study space for all Science courses
    • opportunity for students to immerse themselves in group study and a supportive 'think space'
    • structured extra help space for all Science courses (as teachers can provide)
    • opportunity to increase student resourcefulness and resiliency

Studying Science in the future?

  • Check out the Ontario Curriculum pathways chart at the left (click to enlarge)
  • Plan using Career Cruising website.

Make a Plan!

The flow chart illustrates the pathways of all science courses.

  • College Biology (SBI 3C) is only offered as a Grade 11 credit – there is no Grade 12 College level Biology.
  • College Chemistry (SCH 4C) and College Physics (SPH 4C) are only offered as Grade 12 credits, but may be taken immediately after completing the Grade 10 Science course.
  • Mixed Level Environmental Science (SVN 3M) may be taken after completing Grade 10 Science (at any level).
  • Workplace Science (SVN 3E) may be taken immediately after completing the Grade 9 science course (at any level).
  • Mixed Level Grade 12 Science (SNC 4M) may be taken after completing the Grade 10 Science course (at any level) – it is highly recommended that a Grade 11 Science (any level and topic) is taken in addition to the Gr. 10 pre-requisite.
  • Outdoor Education and Environmental Science SHSM (SVN 3M/ PAD301) is a two credit coed program that integrates outdoor activities with environmental science!
    • There is an application process for this course.
    • Contact Ms. Orschel.