DDSB Chromebooks

Your DDSB Chromebook is different than other computers you may have used. It also comes with additional responsibilities and expectations. This orientation will help you get the most of your new device.

1. Online Verification

The Chromebook Program Informed Consent is found in the Online Verification form for your parent/guardian. This verfication must be completed before you will receive your DDSB Chromebook.

2. orientation Video

Watch the following video to understand your DDSB Chromebook better. This video will introduce you to using your Chromebook as well as the responsibilities and expectations for your devices.

3. Scavenger Hunt

Use the challenges on the scavenger hunt below to familiarize yourself with using your Chromebook.

        • First, click the CHROMEBOOK SCAVENGER HUNT button and "Make a Copy"
        • Follow the instructions for the challenges. When complete, mark the challenge complete by checking the box in the green column. Only change the green column.

4. DO Awesome Stuff

Now that you understand how to use your Chromebook, do awesome stuff! Create, explore and maximize your learning opportunities.

For more, explore the Resources page by following the link at the top of the page.