"Why so serious bro?!"

"I love playing with balls!"

"Let me stick my fingers in dem holes!"

"Suck on my vanilla tootsie roll!"

"Flying commercial is average.  I'm 4 standard deviations above average."

"Tell him to hold the jet.  I will be 2 hours late."

"Buy the official BankHer.com hat on sale for $69.69"

"Slump buster!  I'm on fire!"

"I am the most interesting man in the world.  I also swallow... beer"

The legend himself didn't even make a splash on this cliff jump.  He just stopped in mid air and calmly said, "I walk on water bro.  Hashtag WWJCD"

I would like to make an announcement... "DIBBBBBBBBBBBS!"

That feeling when you finally bank.

Givenchy hoodies for life.

"Deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerj Jerky is my fave!"

If you would like to purchase the bankher.com domain name, my business partners and I will sell it for $6,969.69