Published Proceedings

All PHELC Special Interest Group Symposia Proceedings can be accessed here - papers published individually and as compiled proceedings for each symposium

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PHELC 2021, Virtual

Individual papers are available here.

Lightning Talks (x6) available here.

David Kennedy, Dublin City University (@daviekennedy) - Using UDL to redesign face-to-face, large class modules for the online, asynchronous environment.

Dr. Flora Gaetani & Dr. Fausto Brevi, Politecnico, Milano - The experience of drawing courses in higher education, large classes during the covid-19 pandemic scenario.

Fiona Giblin, Dublin City University (@giblin_fiona) - Flipping the flipped classroom online.

Dr. Aurelia Carranza Marquez & Dr. M. Angeles Escobar Álvarez, National Distance Education University, Madrid - MOOC on bachelor’s degree final project (TFG): Prototyping and design.

Jamal Lahmar, University of Sheffield - A problem-based group task for exploring quantitative research design and analysis: facilitating collaborative problem-solving with large classes online.

Dr. Monica Ward, Dublin City University - The positive impact of educational technologies in a large class context.

Full proceedings and remaining recordings of presentations will be uploaded when ready.

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PHELC 2020, Virtual

Individual papers are available here.

Full, collated proceedings available here.

Recordings of presentations are below:

PHELC 2019, Valencia

Individual papers, of PHELC Special Interest Symposium, June 2019, Valencia, Spain, can be accessed here

Full Proceedings including workshop outcomes can be accessed here