IO 2: Learning Materials

Learning Materials

The Learning Materials are the 2nd Intellectual Output of the eCoNNECT project, led by partners from UMCG. Learning Materials is available to module participants on a virtual learning platform. They will be used in conjunction with the Video Scenarios (see IO 3 on website tab above) produced in this project.

The work related to the Learning Materials includes the following:

  • Welcome through the Project Lead (HIO) supported by all partners

  • Orientation to the virtual learning platform - Instructions and introductions for module participants

  • Learning materials related to the four stages of workplace learning - '1. Preparation for Practice Placement', '2. Beginning the Practice Placement', '3. During the Practice Placement' and '4. Ending the Practice Placement'.

  • Learning activities for active engagement of module participants

  • Module evaluation questionnaire and focus group interview questions.

The following documents below are an example of the learning materials. The full list of documents are available on LOOP (user login required).

Learning Materials

Topic_1_Nurse_education_systems_different_countries_IE_File. final 30092019 pdf

Topic 1 - English

Topic_1_Pflegeausbildung_in_verschiedenen_Ländern_DE_file. final 30092019 pdf

Topic 1 - German

Topic_1_Verpleegkundige_Onderwijssystemen_in_verschillende_Landen_NL_file. final 30092019 pdf

Topic 1 - Dutch

Topic_2_Structural_conditions_of_nurse_education_IE_file. final 30092019 pdf

Topic 2 - English

Topic_2_Structuren_en_kaders_verpleegkundige_onderwijs_NL_file. final 30092019 pdf

Topic 2 - Dutch

Topic_2_Strukturelle_Bedingungen_der_Pflegeausbildung_DE_file. final 30092019 pdf

Topic 2 - German

Topic_3_Roles_workplace_nurse_teachers_and_learners_IE_file. final 30092019 pdf

Topic 3 - English

Topic_3_Rol_van_Begleiders_en_studenten_NL_file. final 30092019 pdf

Topic 3 - Dutch

Topic_3_Rollen_Lehrende_und_Lernende_DE_file. final 30092019 pdf

Topic 3 - German

Topic_4_Communication_IE_file. final 30092019 pdf

Topic 4 - English

Topic_4_Communicatie_NL_file. final 30092019 pdf

Topic 4 - Dutch

Topic_4_Kommunikation_DE_file. final 30092019 pdf

Topic 4 - German


Learning activities - English


Learning activites - Dutch

Lernaktivitäten_ GER.pdf

Learning activities - German