IO 3: Video Scenarios

Video Scenarios

The video Scenarios are the 3rd Intellectual Output, led by DCU. The other project partners have contributed to the content of the videos.

Four videos have recently been filmed and they are now at the stage of editing. The completed videos will support the learning materials (Intellectual Output 2) and they form the basis for cross-country discussions throughout the module. The four videos are:

Video Scenario 1:

Preparation for Practice Placement

Workplace learning structures, roles and responsibilities of teachers and learners.

Video Scenario 2:

Beginning the Practice Placement

Developing learning plans, initial interview, teacher and learner relationships.

Video Scenario 3:

During the Practice Placement’

Own role in the practice learning process, feedback, challenging situations.

Video Scenario 4:

Ending the Practice Placement’

Evaluation of workplace learning, assessment, designing a best-practice communication situation.


This a short video depicting the process of filming of the video scenarios for the eCoNNECT project at DCU, School of Nursing and Human Sciences.

Below are some pictures, which we took during filming of the videos. They include professional actors, voluntary extras, camera man and director. A HUGE thank you to everyone involved!