Exciting Features

eCoNNECT is characterised by a number of exciting features, such as:

  • module content is developed and shared by partners from three countries namely Germany, Ireland and the Netherlands,
  • the module targets diverse groups, all of whom are involved in workplace learning,
  • the module fosters experiential learning through sharing of experiences,
  • the delivery of module content is enhanced through the use of innovative technologies for teaching and learning.

Module content

eCoNNECT is a transnational, cross-sectoral project, including 2 vocational and 3 higher nurse education participants, that aims at developing an on-line / blended learning module to foster best practice workplace learning in nursing.

Its objectives include: (i) to strengthen workplace learning communication processes between nurse teachers and learners within and across three European countries, (ii) to employ state of the art technology to enhance teaching and assessment during the module, and (iii) to foster cross-sectoral and cross-country collaboration through the development of inter-professional and cross-cultural awareness. Project partners include Germany, Ireland and the Netherlands.

Multilinguism is fostered in eCoNNECT through the development of module materials in German, English and Dutch. Project partners are involved in translation of module materials.

Diverse target groups

eCoNNECT targets diverse groups of people from within vocational and higher education, all of whom are connected through nursing workplace learning.

They include School-based teachers (at hospital-based or university-based Schools of Nursing), Practice-based teachers and Learners linked to various pre- and post-registration nurse education courses.

It is envisaged that bringing these target groups together within the module will enhance workplace communication and interaction during teaching and learning.

Experiential learning through sharing of experiences

eCoNNECT is centred around the philosophy of experiential learning. Module participants will be encouraged throughout the module to share their views within their local groups and across countries. There will be shared virtual classes and module participants will complete various online activities together. This will enhance their understanding of their own role as much as it will provide them with an insight into the responsibilities of others involved in workplace teaching and learning. Module participants will compare clinical teaching and learning experiences and develop key communication competences related to focused interviewing, feedback, assessment and documentation of learning processes.

Project partners will share cultural and contextual information about nursing workplace learning in each country.

Innovative teaching and learning technologies

eCoNNECT will utilise a number of innovative teaching and learning technologies, including:

Loop: is the virtual learning environment that will serve as a platform for module delivery, testing and evaluation. The platform will be the basis for the learning materials developed in this module, for discussing module content and for sharing video scenarios. All project partners have been trained in Loop during a Joint Staff Training event facilitated by DCU.

Video scenarios: The project is centred around the implementation and testing of video scenarios (see webpage tab IO 3 Video Scenarios for details). The videos relate to four communication stages of practice placements such as preparation, the beginning of the placement, the middle and the end of the placement. Discussions will be recorded and shared on-line across participating countries. Based on local discussions and learning materials, module participants will develop their own best practice videos for communication during workplace learning and share them with the group.

The project utilises new software and hardware including unicam, axis network cameras and Presonus Bluetube DP V2, which are shared across partner countries. Ongoing technical support is available through the DCU School of Nursing and Human Sciences Senior Technical Officer and the DCU Teaching and Enhancement Unit.