• 13th December 2017

Partner DCU and Associate Partner Beaumont Hospital deliver together a presentation on eCoNNECT (see slide below) at the

Enhancing Nursing through Research & Innovation in Clinical Practice (ENRICh2) Conference 'Beyond Competence, Cultivating Capability'

This was a conference for nurses, midwives and other healthcare professionals. It explored how nurses and midwives directly and indirectly transform care and cultivate capability through research, education, collaboration & innovation.

DCU also presented a poster on the technologies used for eCoNNECT (see abstract below)

More information @ https://www.eventbrite.ie/e/enrich-2-beyond-competence-cultivating-capability-tickets-37801713944#

Poster presentation ‘eCoNNECT: Development of an online/blended learning module using innovative teaching technologies’

Co-authors: Dr. Mark Glynn (Head Teaching and Enhancement Unit), Dr. Daniela Lehwaldt (Assistant Professor), Patrick Doyle (Senior Technical Officer), Dr. Mary Kelly (Assistant Professor), Susan Hourican (Assistant Professor), Dublin City University.


eCoNNECT: enhanced Communication iN Nursing through Exchange of Clinical Teaching experiences’ is an Erasmus+ funded project to produce an online / blended learning module between 2 vocational and 3 higher nurse education institutions from within 3 countries namely Germany, Ireland and the Netherlands. Module participants will compare clinical teaching and learning experiences and develop key communication competences related to focused interviewing, feedback, assessment and documentation. This poster will outline the innovative teaching technologies that will be used for this project.

Loop: is the virtual learning environment that will serve as a platform for module delivery, testing and evaluation. The platform will be the basis for the learning materials developed in this module, for discussing module content and for sharing video scenarios. All project partners will be trained in Loop during a Joint Staff Training event facilitated by DCU.

Video scenarios: The project is centred around the implementation and testing of video scenarios, this part will be led by DCU in association with Beaumont Hospital. The videos relate to four communication stages of practice placements such as preparation, the beginning of the placement, the middle and the end of the placement. Discussions will be recorded and shared on-line across participating countries. Based on local discussions and learning materials, module participants will develop their own best practice videos for communication during workplace learning and share them with the group.

The project utilises new software and hardware including unicam, axis network cameras and Presonus Bluetube DP V2. Ongoing technical support is available through the DCU School of Nursing and Human Sciences Senior Technical Officer and the DCU Teaching and Enhancement Unit.