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European Nursing Symposium 2019 (coming soon)

NewNet invites to take part in Groningen on 12th September 2019

The European Nursing Symposium 2019 focusses on current and future challenges in Nurse education within Europe. Main topics are:

  • Technology to broaden student experiences
  • Integration of digital education in nursing school and in practice
  • Motivate students to learn in practice
  • Identity of nurses; seizing opportunities for the future

Further information about the Symposium and about registration will be available shortly on the NewNet website.

Summary of 1st Multiplier Event (22.03.2018)

Embedded into the European Nursing Symposium 2018 in Oldenburg (Oldbg.), Germany, was the first Multiplier Event of the Erasmus+ project eCoNNECT. About 35 stakeholders from Germany, Ireland and the Netherlands participated in the event. The main goal of this event was to inform stakeholders about first project results and to get their feedback.

Following a general introduction to the project, an overview about the progress on the development of the curriculum for the planned on-line blended learning module was provided to the stakeholders. The module aims to enhance communication processes between teachers and learners in workplace learning of nursing education and training. Module participants will follow the module in a joint, transnational learning group, using a virtual learning platform with webinars, interactive video scenarios, written learning materials and exercises. Learning activities will be supported by national (local) face-to-face meetings with guidance of module moderators from each participating project organisation. The virtual learning platform, provided by the project partner Dublin City University (DCU), will provide participants with access to the module (after registration).

The general ideas of the project group; such as online blended learning, use of video scenarios, joint learning activities of teachers and learners and transnational learning, were discussed with the stakeholders. Results of the discussion as well as questions and suggestions of the stakeholders will be part of further module development. The module will be tested at the end of 2018 on a group of 75 participants: 25 school-based teachers, 25 practice-based teachers and 25 learners of different nursing education and training programmes within the project organisations.

To achieve sustainable project results, the integration of the module into existing education and training programmes of the project partners is planned, Dr. Wolfgang Müskens of the Oldenburg University provided general information about recognition of prior learning to study programmes during the Multiplier Event. As an associate partner, he will support further development of the module through information and guidance.

For more information please contact:

Picture 1 below: Irish partner (DCU), stakeholder (Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland) and associate partner (Beaumont Hospital Dublin) with their stand at the Multiplier Event in Oldenburg, Germany. From left to right: Janet Little, Dr.Daniela Lehwaldt, Dr.Mark Glynn, Judith Foley.

Picture 2 below: Irish team attending the Multiplier Event in Oldenburg, Germany. From top left to bottom right: Susan Hourican, Dr.Mark Glynn, Janet Little, Dr.Mary Kelly, Dr.Daniela Lehwaldt, Fiona Jacob, Joanne O'Brien, Judith Foley.

Picture of Irish team and their stand at the Multiplier Event in Oldenburg, Germany.
picture of the Irish team who attended the multiplier event in Oldenburg, Germany

Below you see Frauke Wiedermann (HIO) and Cornelia Van Slochteren (HUAS).

Watch the space!

2nd Multiplier Event coming to Groningen (the Netherlands) on

13th September 2019