Joint Staff Training Event

Event Location

Dublin City University (DCU), School of Nursing and Human Sciences (SNHS),

Glasnevin Campus, Collins Avenue,

Dublin 9, Ireland.


The DCU main campus is just a short distance from Dublin city centre, Dublin Airport and both the M50 and M1 motorways. The School of Nursing and Human Sciences (SNHS) building is located at the Collins Avenue entrance.

You can download a copy of the DCU Glasnevin Campus Map here (the SNHS building is marked H on the map).

Below is a link to DCU Campus accommodation address (for those who have booked it).

Summary 'Short-term Joint Staff Training Event'

eCoNNECT partners met from 14th - 18th May in Dublin City University for Loop training. The development and alignment of Loop features, learning materials and video scenarios were the main focus of the event. Various presentations about workplace learning, the roles and responsibilities of practice-based teachers, school-based teachers and learners in the participating countries took place, which were followed by discussions. Loop features were discussed in workshops. Some parts of the event included small group work. One of the Irish stakeholders and the associate partners joint for specific sessions during the week. The event was positively evaluated by the participants.


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