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Section 1 | Introduction & Structure of Clubs & Socs at DCU

You have stood out from the crowd, stepped forward as a leader and are about to start an unforgettable journey running your clubs/society committee. You will do things you never thought possible, challenge yourself beyond belief, make friends for life, and develop skills you never knew you had. This handbook will be your essential guide for the year. It’s full of the policies and procedures, as well as tips and ideas you can use to make sure that your club or society operates efficiently and develops to its full potential.

Clubs & socs are at the heart of the student experience in DCU . They offer opportunities for students to engage in arts, culture, sport, physical activity, social, global engagement and entrepreneurial activities.

Structure of Clubs & Socs at DCU

The Office of Student Life (OSL) is the umbrella body for the Students' Union, clubs and societies in Dublin City University. The Office of Student Life is based in The U Building on the Glasnevin Campus and in D112 on the St Patrick’s Campus - which houses its staff and facilities, including meeting rooms and spaces, a large venue and many other support services vital for a vibrant student life on campus.

The Office of Student Life aims to promote and enhance the student experience outside the classroom by providing opportunities for student growth and development. The Office works with the University to complement the traditional academic mission, by supporting recognised clubs and societies and the Students' Union and by encouraging creative learning and leadership development. Each year a percentage of your registration fee is put into one big pot called ‘capitation’. This money is then given to the OSL to fund Clubs, Societies and the Students’ Union.

DCU Sports & Wellbeing works in partnership with the OSL to develop sport and physical activity on campus. The service has a number of Sports Development Officers who aim to develop specific sports clubs and to enhance the student sport and physical activity experience on campus. DCU Sports & Wellbeing is based on the ground floor of the McNulty Building on the Glasnevin Campus.

Club Life Committee and Society Life Committee

The Club Life Committee (CLC) and Society Life Committee (SLC) are the governing bodies of club and society life in DCU. Both the CLC and SLC are responsible for the funding, development, lobbying, regulation and governance of clubs and societies in DCU. They also acts as your Reps to advise you and support you in the running of your club or society. Both committees consist of elected students and staff. The CLC and SLC Executive are elected at their respective General Meetings each April. CLC and SLC are YOUR VOICE for clubs and societies in DCU.

Who you need to know

A team of dedicated staff and students are on hand and ready to help you throughout the year. Whether you have a big or small idea, are faced with a challenge or need some support or guidance along the way, we are here for you.