Douglas County High School's ESOL Program

We offer two types of ESOL Classes here at DCHS - ESOL Support Classes (also known as Scheduled English Acquisition Classes) and Sheltered English Language Arts Classes

ESOL Support Classes are designed to help students improve their English listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills so that they can communicate in English more easily and be more successful in all of their courses and in their chosen careers.   Students earn elective credits for ESOL support classes.

Sheltered English Language Arts courses are designed to provide for the simultaneous development of content area skills and English language proficiency. The curriculum is the same as the regular English Language Arts classroom, but the presentation of concepts and materials are adjusted to accommodate the English language learner. Concepts and subject matter are presented in English using adaptations and accommodations according to the level of English proficiency of the students. The curriculum is rigorous, challenging, and interactive. It reflects the grade-level standards. The prior knowledge and cultural background of the student are recognized and incorporated into the curriculum.  Students earn Core English Language Arts credits for Sheltered English Language Arts Courses.

A student's score on the ACCESS for ELLs will not affect their grades in any of their courses or keep them from receiving credit.

Tips for Teachers of English Learners

Resources for Language Arts Teachers

Resources for Science Teachers

Resources for Social Studies Teachers

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The Georgia Department of Education requires all English Learners to take the ACCESS for ELLs test at the beginning of the second semester to assess their progress in learning English. The goal is for each student to score at least one performance band higher than they did on the last ACCESS test.  If you earn a 5.0 or higher composite score on the ACCESS, you will move on to other English courses next school year.