Senior Information

CCI Academy Senior Events: 

The CCI Academy hosts multiple events for our seniors and/or their parents throughout the school year. Please see the list below for the list of events.  All other senior events including the graduation ceremony will be coordinated through the student's base high school. Senior students should be connecting with their base high school for all announcements and information regarding graduation and other senior events. 

*more information regarding event dates and times will be made available as the event approaches. All event updates will be posted here on our website and be included in all other CCI Academy communications. Please be on the lookout for these announcements* 

Graduation Information: 

All graduation ceremony information, including cap and gown ordering, comes from the base high school. CCI Academy seniors and parents should connect with the student's assigned base high school for all information regarding senior and graduation events. Please click on the student's assigned high school to be taken to that school's senior information or counseling page.