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WHY Choose CCI?

Career Training

If your goal is to go directly into a career after high school graduation the CCI can help get you there! Students who complete CCI programs graduate with college level certificates they can use to gain employment.

CCI programs save time and money. If you wait until after high school graduation to pursue a career/technical program, it could take 1 to 2 years to complete and cost between $4,000-$12,000. Our programs are paid for through the state Dual Enrollment program and are completed while you’re still in high school.

Automotive, Cosmetology, Dental Assisting, Pharmacy Assisting, and Welding are excellent programs if this is your goal

Stepping Stone to Higher Education

CCI programs give students the opportunity to experience college level rigor in a much more supportive environment. This helps prepare students for success beyond high school.

Additionally, even if you do not plan on pursuing a career in a technical field, you can use the certificates you earn at CCI to make more money while you work towards your ultimate career goal. For Example:

  • Automotive and Cosmetology jobs pay well ( $15- $25 per hour) and have flexible hours so you would able to work around your school schedule and possibly even set your own hours.

  • Dental Assisting and Pharmacy Assistant jobs also pay well ($12- $20 per hour) and would allow you to gain work experience in your chosen field while you pursue your college degree in Dental Hygiene, Dentistry, or Pharmacy.

  • The FinTech industry is exploding in Georgia. Skilled employees are in-demand. Our certificate program is an excellent introduction to FinTech and can kickstart your career and education in the field.

  • Gaining certificates in Cyber Security and Game Development could get you working at entry-level jobs in the technology field while you earn your undergrad or graduate degree.

  • Welding jobs are in-demand and can pay as much as $30 per hour

Career Exploration

If there is a career field you are interested in pursuing but would like to learn more about it, CCI programs are a great starting point.

  • Thinking about law enforcement or becoming a prosecutor? Check out Criminal Justice

  • Want an exciting career in Georgia's up-and-coming film industry? Try Audio-Video Technology

  • Interested in becoming an elementary school teacher or daycare provider? Try Early Childhood Education

  • Love gaming and want to know if you could turn it into a career? Explore Game Development

  • Looking for a career in the technology field? Consider Cyber Security or FinTech

  • Considering entering the growing, in-demand field of Nursing? See if Nursing is the right fit for you with Nurse Aide

Gain a Skill

Maximize your high school electives by completing a CCI program and learning a skill you can use throughout your life

  • Everyone has to eat. Come and take Culinary classes to learn how to prepare delicious meals for a fraction of what it would cost to go out to a restaurant.

  • At some point a car you drive will need maintenance or repair. Take Automotive to learn how to do the work yourself instead of having to pay a mechanic.

  • Experimenting with and fixing hair can be so much fun! Completing the Cosmetology program means you could do it all yourself instead of visiting a salon.