February 10-13

Where There's a WILL, There's a Way!

Cresthill M.S. has the WILL power to help one of our own find a cure for Childhood Cancer.


Please use this LINK to support research for Childhood Cancer. 100% of the profits off of this design will go to Lolo's Angels.

Monday- 2/10/20


Buy Will's Swag!

CMS students can purchase items designed by Will

Group photos will be taken at schools in a few weeks to allow time for delivery! Order yours today!

Tuesday- 2/11/20


Be part of a Caring Community

for the

Maniatis Family

Use this GoFundMe link to help purchase items to honor the Maniatis family.

Wednesday- 2/12/20

(8th will do this activity AFTER the MLK Assembly)



Build your awareness about Childhood Cancer!

Students will make a ribbon of glittering gold to hang in a tree in front of the Maniatis home to let them know we are thinking of them!

Thursday- 2/13/20



Pay it Forward

Today in 1st period students will be given a fact about Childhood Cancer to read to the rest of the class & bring home to share with family.

The best way to find a cure is to build awareness!

If you'd like to donate honoring Will Maniatis via Lolo's Angels-Fighting Childhood Cancer