Personalized Learning

Personalized Learning at Sagewood Middle School

Our goal at Sagewood Middle School is to educate and prepare our students for the 21st Century. Technology has redefined not only our lives but also the classroom experience. At Sagewood, we want to ensure that our students have the opportunity to use it in meaningful and engaging ways. Because schools are at the intersection of content, pedagogy, and technology, we have an opportunity to integrate technology with the Personalized Learning & One-to-One Initiative in new and exciting ways while allowing for educational connections on a more global scale.

Preparing students for college and workforce readiness requires that students use standard and emerging technological tools to be successful. Almost one in four college students will take an online course, and technology is embedded throughout the workday of many careers. Students must know how to navigate vast amounts of information on the web, critically analyze the large variety of sources available to them, and be mindful of the digital footprint they leave behind.

Our core beliefs include:

  1. Personalized learning engages students in authentic experiences about which they can ask challenging questions, seek to solve problems in unique ways, and learn more deeply about the world around them.

  2. The personalized learning environment is centered around collaboration, communication, critical thinking and creativity. Technology is one tool that can help to expand each of these beyond the walls of our building.

  3. Personalized learning requires a wide array of resources so that teachers may differentiate learning for each student.

  4. Personalized learning is built around individual student data. Technology provides a means for teachers to monitor student understanding and provide timely feedback to students so students may extend their learning.

  5. Personalized learning often requires a flexible environment in which students may collaborate with others in distant locations (experts in the field, students from a different city/state/country, virtual field trips to around the globe).

  6. Personalized learning increases for all students when technology is used purposefully. The use of technology should augment, modify, and redefine classroom instruction and learning.

According to the One to One Institute and Project RED, putting devices in front of our students accomplishes several goals:

  1. Personalized Learning increases for all students when technology is used appropriately and frequently. Technology is integral to our students’ lives and can be an integral component to the school curriculum.

  2. Use of technology can engage students and encourage collaboration on a large scale. By leveraging the technology that kids are already using, teachers can connect with students by, “exciting them about learning and empowering them to succeed.”

  3. Teachers can use technology to formatively assess student learning in the moment and use this information to differentiate for the needs of the each student in a more meaningful way encouraging students to take more ownership in and be more successful with their learning.

Need to Know

1-1 Purchasing Options

Recommended Antivirus Program

  • Sophos Home (FREE for Mac and PC. Chromebook's and tablets do not require an antivirus program)

Connecting to Wi-Fi at School

Device Contact Forms

FAQs: Personalized Learning & One-to-One Initiative

Common Sense Media provides a variety of free resources to parents, teachers, and students

At Sagewood MS, we will focus on digital literacy and citizenship with all of our students

Digital Citizenship: We will work with students throughout the year on using digital media and devices responsibly. Lessons include internet safety, awareness of the digital footprints we leave behind, cyberbullying, and information literacy to name a few (Common Sense K-12 Digital Literacy and Citizenship Curriculum Overview)

Connecting Families: Provides families with ideas for engaging in critical conversations on how to think critically and behave ethically in a digital world