Mrs. Hoff and Mrs. Roon's

Second Grade Classroom

Welcome to the 2021-2022 School Year!

Our names are Bree Roon and Meghan Hoff and we are so excited to be on this second grade journey with your children this year! You can read more about each of us on the "Meet Mrs. Roon" and "Meet Mrs. Hoff" tabs on this class webpage!

In many ways, second grade is "the sweet spot," as students grow by leaps and bounds in their independence, while continuing to bring passion and joy to the classroom everyday! We are looking forward to fostering a community of kind, resilient, and inquisitive life-long learners. We look forward to your partnership this year!

Learning Happening In Our Classroom


Upcoming Dates:

  • No School December 17 - Teacher Work Day

  • EPR’s Released on December 17

  • December 20-January 3: Winter Break

  • School resumes Tuesday, January 4th

Curriculum Update:


Students are continuing to grow knowledge as they read non-fiction text. The following are skills that students are learning and practicing in this unit of study:

  • Paying attention to details

  • Putting the parts of one text together

  • Asking questions

  • Thinking of what a section and a book are teaching

  • Reading several books on a topic to grow knowledge

  • Noticing parts of the texts that go together

  • Spotting differences between texts on the same topic

  • Retelling topics

  • Looking out for keywords and using the whole page to figure out what they mean

  • Looking for and using text features to support understanding

  • Rereading like an expert


We are continuing our Informational Writing Unit. Students have planned and wrote their own chapter books on topics they are experts on. Some of our teaching points have included:

  • Planning with a Table of Contents

  • Drafting and Revising With Feedback

  • Studying Mentor Texts

  • Using Comparison

  • Addressing an Audience with Strong Introductions and Conclusions

  • Editing with a Checklist

We will wrap up our Informational Writing Unit before Winter Break, and celebrate all of our hard work as informational writers!


In topic 6, we are continuing to learn subtraction strategies, with an emphasis on developing fluency to 100. In addition to subtraction, we will continue to focus on the mathematical practices of precision, making sense of problems and persevering to solve them and constructing viable arguments to explain our mathematical thinking. Over the next few weeks, students will:

  • Subtract one and two digit numbers using models to help them visualize the regrouping concept.

  • Subtract using partial differences

  • Solve one and two-step subtraction problems.

Please continue to review your child’s daily math worksheets and practice fact fluency using the flash cards that were sent home last fall.


When we return from Winter Break we will begin our unit on Famous Americans. Student’s will be choosing a Famous American to study in depth and write a report using the information they have gathered through reading texts, EPIC and many other online resources.

Word Work/Spelling

In Fundations Unit 4, students will continue to review:

  • ​​Closed syllables

  • Digraphs/ Blends

  • Glued sounds

  • Sound-tapping strategy to help segment and blend sounds in words for both reading and spelling

  • Vowel teams

Students will learn how to:

  • Identify suffixes and base words: students will learn to isolate the base word when reading or spelling words with suffixes (and also review what a suffix and base word are).

  1. They will read the base word of a word first.

  2. Then, they will read the whole word with the suffix added. For example, for the word crunches, students will respond crunch-crunches.

  3. For spelling, they will learn to isolate, say, and spell the base word of a word before adding a suffix. For example, when we dictate the word crunches, students will repeat the whole word, crunches, then isolate the base word saying crunch, and then after it is spelled, they will add the suffix -es.

  • Identify new vowel teams:

    • oa- as in boat and coat

    • oe- as in toe

    • ow- as in snow and tow

    • ow- as in plow and bow

    • ou- as in trout and bout

    • ou- as in soup

    • oo- as in school and cool

    • oo- as in book and cook

    • ue-as in blue

    • ue- as in rescue

    • ew- as in chew and blew

It is so exciting to see the progress students are making in their spelling. Please continue to practice our Fundations Spelling patterns by completing weekly homework along with practicing the spelling of trick words.Your child is expected to spell all of these words correctly in isolation and in their daily writing. The words your child isn’t able to spell automatically are words worth practicing at home. Please refer to the list you were given at Conferences for more grade level trick words.

  1. You

  2. Your

  3. They

  4. Was

  5. One

  6. Said

  7. Shall

  8. Pull

  9. Full

  10. Both

  11. Talk

  12. Walk

  13. Done

  14. Pretty

  15. Goes

  16. Again

  17. Because

  18. l

  19. Where

  20. There

  21. What

  22. Of

  23. Do

  24. When

  25. Are

  26. For