Ms. robertson's class

Welcome to Ms. Robertson's 3rd Grade Class

A place where "We Are" All Welcome, All Important & All Capable of Success in the Classroom!

I look forward to an incredible year with your students!


  • Mental Health Resource of the Week
    I-Matter Mental Health Support Extended to June 2023
    Free therapy sessions are available for Colorado youth 18 and younger, or those 21 and younger if receiving special education services. Visit to learn more.

  • Literacy Resource of the Week
    Introducing Kids to Filmmaking (Adobe)
    What’s special about filmmaking is that it combines creativity, teamwork, and technology. From screenwriting to storyboarding to video production and beyond, it takes a tremendous variety of skills to make a movie. But, thanks to the evolution of education and technology, today’s kids have a rich body of opportunities to flex their filmmaking muscles. With a little bit of guidance and a lot of creative license, even small children can dip their toes in animation and film.

  • Total Wellness Resource of the Week
    An Age-by-Age Guide to Nutrition for Kids (Parents Magazine)
    Your pediatrician, along with a pediatric registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN), can help you understand your child's nutritional requirements, and what tools you can use to help them get the vitamins and minerals their bodies need to thrive. Here are some of the top nutrients to make sure babies, toddlers, and kids are consuming every day.