Welcome to 1st Grade!

Welcome to 1st grade! I am so excited to meet each student and their family!

As an educator, I understand that I work on behalf of the children in my classroom community. Children need to be supported academically, socially, and emotionally as they achieve new milestones. My desire is to build a community in which students and their families feel welcomed, engaged, and valued. I wish to provide care, kindness and compassion while fostering growth and inspiration in a safe learning environment. To contribute to the development of young learners, I want to honor their unique personalities and welcome their families into a partnership for successful learning.

Positive relationships are essential for constructing an environment where mastery of academic standards can be met. When building a community, I will strive to help children develop a secure, positive sense of self as they develop strong peer relationships. I will welcome diverse educational opportunities that place value on culture and honor the uniqueness of each child. The relationships that we build and nurture together shall promote a respectful community where each student can thrive.

To make a difference in the lives of children, I want to welcome and engage families in my classroom. Young children are completely dependent on their families. To partner with families, we need to build relationships based on respect and trust. Sharing a child’s educational experience with his/her family allows families to feel secure and confident that their most precious possession is cared for and receiving the best opportunities for growth. When families, children and teachers can collaborate and share the responsibility for cognitive and emotional growth, we can maximize learning opportunities.

Being a part of a child’s educational experience is an honor. Assisting in their growth and watching them succeed is a privilege. Advocating for the educational needs of all children is a responsibility. I will work tirelessly for the delivery of high quality, developmentally appropriate education for all children.

Mrs. Donohue's room is an allergy sensitive room. Please do not send snacks that contain nut products. Thank you for keeping everyone safe!