We will be working together as a team, to learn academic goals as well as social emotional goals like learning to share and be independent. We will accomplish this through our many hands on experiences and being exposed to the world around us! We are going to have a GREAT year and I am so excited to have you in my class! As a class we will build a safe, inviting and friendly community, we will collaborate and create our classroom expectations and work as a CREW to support, guide and encourage each other on this new and exciting adventure of KINDERGARTEN!

Important Kindergarten Information:

  • Kindergarten Handbook ABC's 2018-2019
  • Where to lineup before school
    • Our class color is blue. We line up in front of the school in the morning behind the blue dot on the blue line on the east side of the building. If you are looking for our class on a field trip, field day, etc. look for us to be wearing blue.

Personalized Learning Time:

  • All kindergarten students spend time, multiple times a week, working with a variety of educational professionals to focus on their specific academic areas for growth.
  • This allows us time to support struggling learners, reinforce and introduce new ideas and push those who are advanced. These groups will change throughout the year, so while your child may struggle in one area they may be advanced in another. Most students are excited for their learning during this time and can't wait for what they will be working on next.
  • We typically start this time around Fall break with literacy and add math later in the year. This gives students time to get comfortable being at school, learn routines and gain a little independence before we ask them to switch between rooms.